Thursday, January 31, 2008

Listen to your wife!! SLOW DOWN!

Let me tell you a little story. Last night Ed and I were on our way home from visiting Brook & Kaylynn. We were driving on Shoreline and Ed gets a little excited when he drives my/our car b/c it's fast. :)

I looked at his speed and he was nearing 60mph. Then we passed a speed limit sign that said 35mph! I wasn't surprised, but a little upset he was driving so fast so I proceeded to lecture him that it was NOT okay to drive 20+ miles over the speed limit...Dangerous...Reckless. As I continue to go on somewhat joking yet serious, Ed smiles and laughingly says, "Honey don't be mad...there's a cop behind us." In a disappointed whiney voice I continued lecturing, but kind of laughing because I pretty much predicted it and thought it served him right...except the hefty ticket awaiting us. We lucked out and got a nice cop that asked if we were in a hurry to be somewhere. I told the cop that we weren't necessarily in a hurry but I had just seen the speed limit sign and that I was lecturing Ed just before he pulled us over. Honesty must have paid off? He let us go with a speed warning, but cited Ed with a fix-it ticket to get his CA Driver's License. Any fines if any will be less than the ticket price for going 20+ over the speed limit!! It was somewhat funny, but I hope you learned your lesson DEAR!!!


..::k.toms::.. said...

And you should know these things because you have been practically CAMPING OUT at the DMV!
Go Linds!
And thank GOODNESS you didn't get a ticket! Those suckers aren't cheap!
Love the car- so jealous!

The Bonham Family said...

Lucky Boy! What a nice cop to let ya off the hook! James got 3 in one month last summer so he knows all about the lectures! Love the car as well. Jen

Jennifer Phillips said...

Lady I am glad that you posted alot of new things on your blogg I was starting to wonder if you where giving up on the blog thing... so Seth and Ed should hang out more often, Seth likes going to the car shows too, and he also likes speeding, and he too would also have 10 cars if possible. So Sarah looks so cute and so big I can't believe how fast she is growing. OH and I was going to tell you I had a dream about you last night and you adopted a little African American Girl, maybe it's a sign that you should.....oh and my mommy car looks just like your mommy car, I am so excited that I have a mommy car because now I can have more kids!! Anyway I miss you, are you coming on the fun cruise in may?

Heather said...

What is it about guys and driving fast? Dan LOVES it.I used to several years ago but now I know I am not invincible (remember thinking that you were when you were like 18)? Anyway that's hilarious!!

Heather said...

By the way, LOVE the car!

Molly said...

I tell Christian to slow down all the time. And he turns left onto Crisanto during commute hours ON PURPOSE all the time. And does he ever get a ticket? Nope. But who has gotten 2 tickets for accidently turning onto Crisanto during commute hours? Yours truly. It's just not fair.