Thursday, January 24, 2008

DMV=all day affair

Let me tell you about my experience at the CA DMV. I needed to renew my Drivers License so I looked up what paperwork I needed and made an appointment- hoping to save myself some time. I got to the DMV at about 3:15pm. I waited for about 15 minutes and while reading the back of the paper I filled out (by their request)...I missed my number being called by one. My bad, but you'd think since I noticed right as they were calling the number right after mine they could get me in to the next agent. Oh no...I was told to pay better attention next time (which I understand, but was still frustrated) and take another ticket putting 10 more people in front of me. Oh well, it went pretty fast. I waited another 15 minutes and my number got called. The woman helping me looked at my old license and my birth certificate and then told me that my last name was not Harman on the birth certificate. DUH!! I obviously wasn't married at birth. Nowhere online did I see that I would need my marriage license. My old license and my SS card have my married name already. Bringing my marriage certificate in to UT was not enough. I needed it in CA too! I was SO bugged, but I called Ed and he was sweet enough to load up Sarah and make the 15 minute drive to the DMV and bring it to me. You would think that was the last of my delays, but no. Of course right after he brought our marriage certificate, the computers at the DMV went down. Are you kidding me?!! While waiting for the computers to come back up 5 o'clock hit and they closed anyway...meaning I still needed to go back to take the CA written test.

Day #2 of the DMV I arrived at 10am. I didn't read the CA book of driving rules thinking... I know how to drive. How hard could the test actually be?? I forgot how horrible I am at taking tests. I didn't realize the test was 36 questions and I could only miss 6. I took my chances, but failed the first test by missing 8. I went back through the line and figured I'd take my chances again (10 minutes later) without reading their book. Once again I failed written test #2 by missing 8 again. Are you kidding me!! I went back through the line a 3rd time. This time the woman told me that I only get 3 chances to pass the test before I have to pay again. Great!! So what did I do...definitely didn't take my chances. I sat down at the DMV and read the 80 page booklet (I read SO slow) on the driving rules of CA. What I thought would take an hour or so ended up taking 3 hours!! This is why it is hard for me to finish college. I know there will be test taking involved! However, I did finally end up passing the test. Thanks Ed for doing so well with Sarah while your challenged wife took at total of 5 hours to renew her drivers license!

Here are a few of the questions I missed:
-What is the Blood Alcohol Level limit?......0.8%. How would I know...I don't drink. :)
-You must make a written report to DMV within 10 days if you?...Are in an accident that causes $750 in damage.


Kari said...

Ok I had to laugh reading this! I had a similar experience with Nevada's DMV. Talk about an all day affair. I waited in line for 4 hours to register my car, then had to do it again to register Gareth's car. I hate that place! I didn't have to take a test, luckily, but I did have to get a smog check on both cars (What?!) and then the DMV also did some kind of weird I don't remember. Anyway, I'm relieved that you finally passed the test! Good job!

whitney said...

hey lindsey,
it's whitney shafer. i found your blog on maren's. man, what a nightmare... now i'm scared to death to go get a cali license. maybe i'll study BEFORE i go. :) oh and i'm glad ed finally passed his stones. good thing it didn't take month!