Friday, October 31, 2008

13 months came and went...

In Sarah's 13th month a lot has changed! I think her first birthday was the last time I updated about her. Here's what's new:
Word Wise: That little cute voice of hers is starting to come though. Sometimes clearer than others her word list consists of: Daddy, Mommy, "hi" (to everyone she sees and while holding the phone to her ear), book, ball, boat, bear, kitty, doggy, "ooww" (for meow), uh oh, "nana" (for banana), the dreaded "no", E I E I O, "ba ba" for bottle, "dow" for down, "blanky" for blanket, "pa" for grandpa, and "Sarah". She also puts together "hi daddy/kitty" every once in a while. She will repeat other words we say, but doesn't know the connection yet. She makes the sounds for cat and snake. :)
Moving Wise: She is a pro going up and down stairs, she made the advancements from standing on her own- to taking a few steps-and full blown walking at about 13 1/2 months!! Yay Sarah!
Sleeping and eating wise: She is switching  between 1 and 2 naps (one at 9:30, one at 2ish for about 1+ hrs), we're done nursing since 13.5 months so she drinks three 8 oz bottles a day and eats all the same foods we eat. She likes most things, no longer likes cheese (just like daddy), likes bananas less and gets picky with some veggies. Her favorites are strawberries, yogurt, crackers, bread and the limited amount of apple juice she gets. She signs "eat and more" which is very helpful. And she has a new bottom tooth which makes 7. :)
Growing wise: I'll have to check. I'm not sure how much she weighs or how tall she is, but she's growing like a weed. So is her hair. It's beautiful golden blonde and pretty curly in the back. SO cute! Sarah loves the game peek-a-boo, loves waving, and loves clapping (especially for herself if she puts her cup in its holder, or solves a toy game). She loves to pick up balls and try to throw or kick them. 
Song wise: Sarah loves when we sing songs she can do actions to. She does "If you happy and you know it..." to clapping, blowing kisses and shouting hooray, twinkle twinkle little star, pat-a-cake, popcorn popping, little house in the middle of the woods, and  the wheels on the bus. She loves any books, her stuffed animals, her sleeping blanket, her baby and stroller, and splashing at bath time.

We are really enjoying Sarah at this stage! Even though she throws an occasional tantrum...this girl is ADORABLE!! We're quite fond of her. 

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Jokilyn said...

We're quite fond of her too! :) Such fun new things. I can't believe she's talking that much!! Can't wait to see her again soon - and can't wait for her (and you) to meet little Avery. She's growing fast too - almost too fast! We're enjoying every minute of it though!