Friday, October 31, 2008

Pics, Poo and Zoo Time!

WARNING:  There may be an overload of pictures in this post, but they sure are dang cute!! Even if we're the only ones oogling over them!

On Sunday Ed and I headed up to Sawyer Camp trail for a sundown walk and decided to get some pictures. The lighting was awesome and they turned out great. We got a lot of cute pics that capture Sarah's personality.
^Our favorite!

Cute as a bug!

^How many more pictures are you going to take!!
^Honestly, are you serious?

^Kisses for Daddy

Now about the poop...Before Sarah's nap I changed her poopy diaper and didn't put her jeans back on as I thought they would be very uncomfortable to sleep in. I've done this before and thought nothing of it. I should have.  I did a haircut while Sarah was supposed to be napping and to my frustration finished the haircut only to find her still crying in her crib. When I opened the door this is what I found... 
These pics are obviously with Sarah removed since she had poo all over body, hair and mouth. It also may not look as bad as it was. 
There was poo everywhere! On all the slats, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals, ME, and yes that's her diaper and poop on the floor.  I omitted the bath pics, but it was a poo bath. Best word to describe the situation...shit! Sorry! :)

And then we have to zoo. We had such a fun and eventful month! Ed had a day off so we took Sarah to the zoo. She wasn't interested in the animals much, but it was fun nonetheless.

It ended up being a pretty cold day. The meercats were spooning to stay warm. Cute!

^Such a cute picture of Sarah and her daddy! 


Shandi Brown said...

Beautiful family pictures!

Kurst said...

The family pictures look great. You've always had the prettiest eyes.

The poop story HILARIOUS!!! I've done the same thing with the pants, luckily Mya had only taken off the diaper and peed. Sorry about the mess but it is pretty funny.

Landon and Debbie said...

Seriously...Can you all be any cuter:) I can't pick a favorite pic cuz they are all darling. Looks like sarah is a full time walker now, So fun for you:)