Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Salt Lake on a whim

I am very behind once again, but I wanted to post a couple pics from Salt Lake a few weeks ago. We up and decided to go to SLC for Conference weekend. This is what the trip ended up like.

We'll start with the CONS:
-Too much stuff! Airport difficulty and layover flights. Never again!
-Didn't end up getting tickets to go to Conference.
-Ed was sick pretty much the whole time
-My visit to the temple with friends and family ended when my temple recommend was expired. :(
-I went to lunch with my girlfriends- which won't be pictured since my camera malfunctioned and erased all my pics. :(

-Lots of family time
-We were able to go to Josh's B-day party #2!! (For Harman Fam pics)
-Sarah started WALKING!!! (hopefully video post soon...ED)

While the Cons outweighed to Pros this time. We're still happy we were able to see family. :)


Jokilyn said...

Glad you finally posted these pics! Now you just have to e-mail them to me! :) Hope all is well! Miss you guys already. Oh - and are you coming out for Thanksgiving or just Christmas? We were thinking about possibly blessing Avery over Thanksgiving weekend. Still haven't confirmed that with the Bish, but that's what we're aiming for. Let us know what you Utah travel plans are going to be like.

Landon and Debbie said...

linds, it was so great to see you guys. Little Sarah is so darling. You are such a wonderful mom. Next time we go bowling my goal is to break 100:) haha love ya!