Friday, October 31, 2008

Bizz Johnson Half Marathon 10-11-08

This was one cold, but awesome race.  It was in Susanville, CA (between 5-6 hours away) where Rebecca's parents are living. It was a beautiful trail run, with tunnels and beautiful scenery! Rebecca, Kaylynn, Brook, Molly, Whitney and I ran it. When we started it was a freezing 26 degrees with snow on the ground. It took a mile or two for our toes and noses to thaw out, but the trail was pretty down hill and we finished all within 8 minutes of each other. We were also able to celebrate Molly and Joel's (Whitney's boy) birthday. Here are some pics from the lovely event:

We left Ed and Sarah behind this time. I left Friday and came back Saturday after the race. Ed did wonderful with Sarah, and they got me some beautiful roses for a congrats on finishing the race. Thanks my loves!

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