Tuesday, September 29, 2009

JULY CATCH UP!! Starting with the 4th!

Or... the 3rd. Last belly pic:
^ 38 weeks. Looking less hot and mucho big 5 days before birth. :)
^4th of July ward breakfast
^ The kids at Shoreline fireworks. Austin, Sarah, Sydney and Leah.
^Waiting for the fireworks to begin
^A picture of Sarah's eyes watching the fireworks. She was a little scared at first but so intrigued. The next day all she could say is, "Fireworks go BOOM!"
The lovely ladies we spent the night with. Maren & Kristen (and their hubbies Ryan & David)


mj said...

So weird to see a big baby bump and a teeny tiny Kai after these last few months. He's such a cutie.

the watkins said...

Great baby bump! Women's bodies are amazing!

I just read your post on your ER experience, etc. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that! Kai too, but I know it would be horrible as a parent.

Glad everyone is doing better! You have an adorable family!