Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kai's birth 7/8/09

Somehow we though to take a picture while I was in labor between contractions.
^ Post baby. The euphoria of a new baby! Welcome baby boy still waiting for a name!
^Meet daddy!
^SO much brighter than in mommy's belly! Look at all that hair!
^Family of 4!!
^Meet big sis Sarah!
^Happy, proud daddy! Still rested. :)
^ The child that made us want another. :)
^Chillin' in the hospital
^Proud mama :)
^ Keeping warm
^Pretty excited Sarah. Hasn't realized yet we're taking him home. :)
^ Since I got a new baby... so did Sarah. :)
^But then SHE wanted to be the baby. :) Nice.
^ Our last day we decided on Kai Edward for baby boy's name. Bye bye somewhat luxurious hospital life where we've waited on by nurses.
Heading home to brave life with 2 kids. :) One for each of us. Not outnumbered yet! Wish us luck!

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