Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7/24-28 Kai in NICU

Mom came in town to help out with the addition of Kai and it ended up being the perfect week! I knew something was wrong when my baby who I'd really never heard cry suddenly changed his demeanor. Kai was 16 days old when he got a fever that started at 100.6. After a couple hours of no appetite and extreme whimpering discomfort, his fever went up so I called the pediatrician who advised to take Kai to the emergency room. I DREADED the idea knowing that blood work, urine samples, x-rays and a spinal tap would be the minimum required to start testing. :( After much crying and doubt I headed to the ER with my 2 week old baby boy where Ed met me shortly after getting done with his case.

Day 1: It didn't take long to get taken back. Kai was immediately being monitored and like I dreaded, having tests taken non-stop. Whether it's good for them or not, NO mom(parent) wants to see their baby go through that. So they began with x-rays and then on to drawing Kai's blood. While the doctor looked away the needle slipped out so they had to poke Kai's heel for the rest. Pay a little bit better attention so you don't have to poke my baby more than necessary!! Seriously!! Taking blood was followed by a catheter to get a urine sample, and that's not the end! While I held a binky in Kai's mouth a nurse held Kai in a ball while the the ER Dr. tried a spinal tap 10 TIMES!!!! No joke. I kept questioning the amount of times I saw the needle going into my baby's spine, but like I know what they are looking for or doing??!! You think they know what they are doing...I have some ill feelings toward that ER Dr. that used my baby for a pin cushion. Trying to get some practice??? Come to find out they are only supposed to get 2 tries and the neonatologist should have been the one to try. After 10 tries of an unsuccessful spinal they admitted Kai to the NICU for a minimum of 3 days. :( All of the testing is required to rule out what could be a serious bacterial infection. I know I should be more gracious and thankful for the medical world, but somehow the experience seemed so premature. Obviously a fever for a newborn is a serious matter, but an experience I would never wish for anyone to go through. (You can not WASH YOUR HANDS enough with a newborn). My poor poor baby boy!!! Kai was given an IV and started on antibiotics in case tests came back positive for a bacterial infection (could be deadly). If it turned out to be a viral infection (flu, etc.) it would be less serious and just have to run it's course.

^These pics are so sad. Kai with monitors galore, an IV and completely exhausted and sore I'm sure. My forearms were SO sore from the stress of holding Kai through all the test and trying to get him to eat. I stayed at the hospital every night to nurse him. Ed stayed the first night as well. We were so exhausted and all cried out! Ed gave Kai a blessing which made us feel better.
Day 2:
^Thank goodness for Mom who was able to care for Sarah during the ordeal. They had a great time.
^Sarah was able to come in and visit Kai one time. I didn't know whether smiling was appropriate or not but...
^Kai's fever got up to the 102's. Tests kept coming back negative.
Ed and I trying to depict the boredom of a hospital and how tired we both were. We look hammered!!
Day 3:
^ Gave us a scare. Kai's bilirubin count was at about 16 where it should be around 1! He does look yellow! We were hoping it wasn't a serious liver disease or birth defect. We were happy when labs came back the next day and the count had dropped. Nurses kept saying Kai was cranky. I would be cranky too if I was in an oober-bright freezing cold room with a new nurse poking and prodding me every 8 hours at shift change. I'm sure the 10-try spinal tap caused some soreness too.
^ A grandma who came hoping to hold her grandson a lot unfortunately only got one day with him before he got sick.
^ It was nice to have my mama for support for a few days.
Day 4:
^All tests came back not showing anything serious. Just waiting for fever to leave. Looking a little better.
Day 5:
^Finally get to take our baby home!! Kai still had a small fever, but something we could manage from home.

We had so much love and support through this. Child care help, meals, etc, etc. We are so grateful for all the prayers on our behalf from family and friends. Thanks for helping us through this!!


Prilla said...

That is no fun for any parent to have to go through. I think a spinal tap is one of the few procedures that Grant hasn't had done (thank goodness). Glad everything is ok, and that your mom was out there to help. It's funny how things work out like that, huh.

mj said...

No fun. Those pictures of him with all the tubes remind me of all of Leah's pictures during her first four days. So strange. SO glad he's ok.