Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah's Birthday at the zoo! 8/24

For Sarah's actual birthday we headed to the SF zoo. We make it there about once every year. Sarah enjoys it more and more every year. After an extreme tantrum on the way there, it ended up to be okay. ;) Too bad it was cold.

^Even if it doesn't look like it, Sarah had a great time.
^Kai slept pretty much the whole time
^One of Sarah's favorite things was to climb on all the fake animals. :)

^I know it's mostly sleeping pictures, but that's what he does. :)
^Sarah didn't mind posing for the camera.
^Ed got some great shots!
^Probably only see signs of this nature in San Fran
^Climbing on more animals
^Shows you how cold it was. Yes, that is a monkey under a blanket. :)
^ What a handsome daddy
^ Look at that tongue!
^She's tall! But not that tall!
^ This gorilla gives us some great poses every year.
^Cute little baby monkey with momma.
^Great picture Ed!
Finishing the remnants of her cake. Sarah had candle blowing down by the time her birthday came.
^Birthday loot! Thanks everyone! Her biggest present was her big girl bed and bedroom set.
^Enjoying new birthday toys! Can't you tell by her face. ;)

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Julia Wade said...

so fun linds! i can't believe your baby's two!! ed got some really fun shots at the zoo.

see you in a week!!