Monday, July 19, 2010

6 years brought us to Monterey!

For our 6th anniversary we headed to Monterey. The Nixon's so kindly joined us for the festivities. :) And it couldn't have been possible without Kristen and David for taking our kids for a couple nights. :) God sends! Special thanks to them!
^Top down the whole way did not disappoint! The weather was great!
^The first evening we got in town just in time for dinner at Fandango's. Food was average. Dessert was delicious!
^After dinner we took it easy and watched our wedding video.
^6 years! Ocean View and listening to the waves was a nice treat too.
^ The next morning Rebecca and I went for a run along the coast and then did some shopping...
... while the boys went to the Leguna Seca race.
^Cars bring Ed a lot of joy. :)
For Saturday evening we went here:
^I had some fruity drinks,
^ And just a small preview of the food. Pretty good!
^It's fun to get spruced up as a couple once in a while.
^The guys are always good company.
^And Paul and Rebecca are great traveling buddies. :)
^We love this breakfast place.
^Probably my favorite pancakes.
^Mmm mmm good hot chocolate for a chilly morning.
^At the end of a successful, relaxing anniversary trip!
^The spa overlooking the ocean
^was a nice finishing touch!
^ We'll be back Monterey! And here's to many more anniversary's! Love you Ed!


Molly said...

Happy Anniversary, Harmans!

Ed Harman said...

Love you too Babe!! Nice post!