Thursday, July 29, 2010

Berry picking #1, June 23

Lindsay Drummond shared one of her favorite family traditions of going berry picking in Watsonville. It's about 1 hour away from where I live. Although it's hard for me to stay awake on the drive :), I loved it, the kids seemed to like it and the lunch alone is worth driving there for. :)
^Picking crew included, Bergs, Drummonds, Geddes, & (not pictured) Shafers, Laytons and Baldwins.
^It started out pretty cool, but the clouds burned off so we were happy to have our hats.
^Sarah showing her boysenberries.
^She did great at only picking the dark (ripe) ones.
^And you can tell by the look on her face that she sampled a few. :)
^We picked 'til we were hungry and then went to Gizdich Ranch for lunch. Seriously worth talking about. Delicious sandwich, fresh strawberries, apple slush, chips and a cookie- well worth the 7$.
^And the Ranch has a picnic area complete with fences to climb (with Livia), tractors, play kitchens, grass to crawl on, tables and shade, and good memories! :) I think this has now become one of our traditions. I love CA! Next time we'll have to bring Ed.
My only regret was Sarah's tantrum at the end because she wouldn't go on the potty. So instead of going to pick strawberries with everyone else- we left and of course she peed in the car. :(


Molly said...

How fun! Some day I'll do something like that. The only place I've ever picked berried was at my parent's house growing up. :)

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