Saturday, July 24, 2010

May 29th- Tim Mcgraw Concert

Compliments of Duke and Morghan- Ed and I joined them for the Tim Mcgraw concert at Shoreline. It originally was going to be just Morghan and I but the guys were troopers when we found out we had 4 tickets. ;)
^Hick boots. Fitting for country get up.
^Morghan and Duke
^Morghan and I went to the pool, got mani/pedi's and yogurt, and then went to dinner and the concert with the guys! Always great girl time!
^ Tim's concert was the most crowded concert I've ever been to at Shoreline. It was packed!
^One last shot of us all. Tim did not disappoint! I think the guys even had fun even though they couldn't sing along as much.

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The Pennington's said...

How fun!! You look great BTW. :)