Friday, July 30, 2010

Camping 2010 #1- Portola Redwoods

4th of July weekend we headed to the Portola Redwoods to camp with the Katzs and Laytons.
^Ed and I got there a little earlier so we started dinner in the dutch oven. Ed has mad cooking skills. We had Italian Chicken and roasted red potatoes. All food tastes extra good camping for some reason. For dessert we had boysenberry cobbler in the dutch oven. Yum!
^The little ladies
^The Laytons
^The Katzs
Our fam before the kids went down.

Camping always includes:
^Relaxing, sitting around the camp fire,
^Marshmallow roasting and s'more eating,
^A little bit of ugly, and some scary ghost stories,
^friends, happiness,
^and sleeping outdoors under the stars. (all the kids did great!)
^In the morning (The face Sarah makes when asked to smile- creepy! :) )
^ So cute all bundled up! Kai learning to point
^For breakfast we had delicious foil hash browns, eggs and sausage. Maren entertaining with bubbles.
^Our camp site was awesome! The kids loved climbing on these fallen redwoods.
^They also played in the dirt and found banana slugs.
^Happy Campers
^How camping makes us feel.
^ After a delicious breakfast we went for a short hike.
^So big!
^We climbed in hollow trees
^Gave the kids shoulder rides
^Camping was my typical family vacation growing up. I'm glad Ed and I have started the tradition early with our kids. I really love getting out in nature, and doing it with friends and family is the best! Hopefully we'll have some more trips this summer.

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Ed said...

Nice post hottie-face!!! Thanks for taking the time to put that together.