Saturday, August 13, 2011

Europe begins with Utah

Wednesday May 11th starts our Europe trip! First stop, Utah to drop off the kids. Maren and Leah joined us too.
^Silly faces
^Us arranging
^Chillin' while watching shows
^Put your feet up and relax
^And sleep
^cause it's a LONG drive!! We took our typical breaks and made record time I think!

We spent a night in UT and got the kids situated with Aunt Debbie and Grandma Johnson -stay #1.
^Mandatory stop- the salon with Cami! To try and phase out the blonde she did a color melt. NOW the trip may begin. :) Thanks Cam!

Then we spent some last few moments with the kids before we headed off to London. It was a tearful drive to the airport, but we knew they were in good hands. Thank you family for making this possible! Many sacrifices were made and did not go unnoticed! Off to London we go next...

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