Wednesday, August 17, 2011

London Day 2- May 14

Seriously- SO MANY PICTURES from the trip. I have to post each day separate because there are so many!! Why did I wait!!? And why do I not know how to make collages??!

Our breakfast every day in London:

^Our shoes of choice for the trip. They were great!

First stop-Portobello Market
^Royalty craze!
^Lots of people! Lots of great booths.
^Happy when shopping. :)
^Great food- steak sandwich
^Crepes were what we were told to eat...
^...and that we did! Let the creping begin!
^MMM good!

Next stop- Kensington Palace

^Left us thinking exactly what you see on our faces..."what the..?" Weird friends, weird, and somewhat creepy.
Next stop- City Cruise- Westminster Pier and Tower Bridge

^Under London Eye
^ Family Jewel Holders
^Boys will be boys
^Maybe you can't see what I see...let me give you a closer look-
^Seriously?! Who builds that into their armor? Henry viii. He does. Hmmm.

Loved the Tower of London. Everything was neat! Crown Jewels, Torture Chambers, etc...
^Follow my finger...
^We don't look like tourists at all!
^Right before dinner at a potty break we saw this sign. Translation: " If a person in a wheelchair is chasing you- run this way!" :) Just funny to see how different the signs are from country to country.
We ended the night at Zizzi's Italian Food.
Great Pizza, pasta and breadsticks.
In the evening we went back and played canasta in the hotel lobby. The Irish Cagefighters that were there had quite the mouths. Made us all kind of grumpy. Especially the boys.
^In hotel- Ed driving bus.
^Our room worked just great! We didn't spend much time in it anyway.


Valerie said...

Looks like so much fun! And I am loving that red door you guys were sitting by! Such fun!

Afton said...

That looks like an awesome trip! What was so weird though? I missed something..