Friday, July 7, 2017

July 2017

July 1-
^Beautiful, scenic 7 mile run!
Working in the yard brings us joy and makes us feel grown up. We laid mulch today and it's looking great!
^I am hunkering down and starting gluten free living as of yesterday. There is still plenty to eat. :) Thanks for being patient with me, Hanks.

 July 2-
^Patriotic Sunday dress as a fam! Gorgeous sunset.

July 3-
^Early mornin' run and a shake for all!
^I love it when the kids are happily playing with friends outside. Deserves popscicles.
^My fingers are hurting! My derm apt can't come fast enough! My nail beds are puffy and breaking away from my nails and cracking and flaking off!
^I made activity jars years ago! We decided to do some of them this summer. :)

July 4- The Fourth of July
Early morning run with friends around the lake! One of my favorite places to run!
^Fun at the pool!
^Spent the day at the pool. We got our standard KFC. Much harder gluten free, but we made due. Then later we met with friends in Riverton to watch fireworks.

July 5-
^Dinner with fam! Always fun.
^Memory with Mads!
^Tara came into town so we all got together for yogurt and caught up, stayed out late and got eaten by mosquitos.

July 6-
^A fun day with Ray and the Katz at the pool.
^Cute Kris surprised me and brought me gluten free baked good to help with the transition. So sweet and thoughtful!

July 7-
^We ran to breakfast for Meg's birthday.
^Today I turned a pineapple into a Pokemon piƱata for Kai. :) I think it turned out so cute!
^For Kai's birthday dinner we got waffles as Waffle Love. Got his room all decorated for his party!

July 8- Kai's 8th Birthday!
^So fun to celebrate Kai with a themed party. Everything turned out great!
^It's safe to say they had fun, and Kai got plenty of new Poke cards.
^We had to make the day last so we did our birthday date at Lagoon after a short rest. We love you buddy! Fun to celebrate you!

July 9-
^Sarah gave a talk. Daddy always writes them and helps. Love that about him. He is way better at it than me.
^Our pots are flourishing and looking awesome! Flowers=Joy.
^He looks so old! We have a wolf scout in the house!
^Steph took pictures of Kai at the temple for his baptism. Such a sweet friend. Love how they capture his quirky personality.
 ^Rabbit ears!
^He is just as adorable 8 years later!

July 10-
^Headed off to cub camp! Good timing. He was so excited. Me too! Excited for him to burn off some energy and be with boys all day.
^Lunch to celebrate Melissa!
^Beautiful night at the pool and a foreshadowing of Sarah in a handful of years. :)

July 11-
^Cub camp Day 2. He's a natural! :)
^The Layton ladies all got haircuts. :)
^Grandma Johnson takes the kids for dates for their birthday. They love it! Kai went straight after cub camp where he got his raccoon hat. :) They saw Cars 3. Thanks Mom!
^Had to make sure Dad was celebrated on his birthday! We took him to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. He was a good sport and rode the bull. Hahaha! :)
^Last day of camp. Learning how to do important stuff.

July 12-
^Kai had a mini report. He picked a cougar and did a great job.
^Activity Days late night! They made tie-dye shirts and hats. Fun night for Sarah-bear.
^I left early morning for my flight to New Orleans. I don't love traveling alone. Makes me nervous! But I made it, found Shayla and we got all registered and checked in! Just got settled and got dinner. Plenty of girl time ahead.

July 13-
^We had a day on the town before opening ceremonies. We visited the conference for a bit and then roamed the New Orleans streets. It rained a little, but we were protected. We took a train to the famous Cafe for donuts. I broke my gluten free streak for a donut since I don't see myself coming back here any time soon. :)
^Ed was superdad and took the kids to Lagoon for the day so I think it's safe to say they didn't miss me. :) Love to see their happy faces.
^Opening ceremonies was great! New announcements for the year and motivation to keep going with this healthy lifestyle. I love sharing it!

July 14-
^Sleep is hard to come by on these trips. We got up early to get to our early morning work out with Joel and Jericho. They kicked our butts with Core de Force.
^Out to Leatherby's eating foods I wish I could. Love my fam. Thanks for the support!
^We went to meetings all day and later had a pizza party and got my favorite Pinkberry yogurt!

July 15-
^Our work out on the streets of New Orleans outside of the Superdome with all the other coaches. I love seeing this many people stand up for health and helping people.
^More classes.
^Photoshoot on the balcony of the hotel.
^Off the the Superdome for Closing ceremonies.
^Grateful to have made friends with the same mindset. Now I just need my own team of coaches to join me. Anyone?!

July 16-
^Alone in the hotel room until check out and then I'll meet up with a few other coaches to kill time before our flights home.
^Daddy has it down!
^We visited some sights, I got the kids souvenirs and then we headed to the airport together. Fun to see my favorite trainer, Tony Horton at the terminal. P90X started my fitness journey in 2012. :) My darn flight was delayed so it took a long while to get home, but I made it!

July 17-
^The kids loved their prizes. Totally New Orleans.
^Shandra and her 6 siblings- The Souter 7 competed on American Ninja Warrior together. They had a fun party at the theater to watch the episode when it aired. Fun to support and see friends. :)

July 18-
^Mare and Ryan wanted to take Kate to Lagoon. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to join since we have passes. Fun day and night! We also ran into our cousins too. 
^Friends that are like family.

July 19-
^Grandma Harman was watching our cousins, so they came for a swim day. :) Later the kids found fun at the clubhouse with tubes, neighbors and bubbles. Love our neighborhood.
^I thought I was going to learn how to make macaroons. Instead I learned how to make macarons. Thought they aren't my fave, these were good AND gluten free! Hip hip! Thanks Laura and friends!

July 20-
^Madison loves Ray day. It's the only time she gets to be bigger. ;)
^Hale Center Theater with Ed's parents for father's and mother's day. :) We love any theater.

July 21-
^It's much harder to make cookies when you can't eat them! But they look cute. ;) Fun night as always at Peak of Fire.

July 22-
^We ran some distance today! 10 miler! Nice job ladies!
^Later we met up for a triple date, like old times, at Red Iguana and then played games after. Started and ended the day with these gals.

July 24-
^24th of July fireworks for the kids. Pretty dinky but still fun. Mads loved having a sleepovers with Kate.

July 26-
^I saw these treat containers on Pinterest and gave them a go for our roadtrip. Mare left the same time, so I rode with her a little to pass the time. We were all sleepy when we got to Washington. We ordered in pizza and called it a day. 

July 27-
^Running in Ridgefield is much hillier. Maren conquered this hill for the first time. :)
^We shopped for food and then headed to the coast to the town of Nedonna beach. Vacations always mean food, so we get along. ;) Great little beach house and meal.
^The first trip to the beach was chilly and absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful place with my beautiful fam. Family trips are a must. Always have been, always will be.
^We played games in the evening after putting the kids to bed. Mare and I realized we were both elephants and we had delicious rootbeer floats.

July 28-
^Chill morning. Good food as always.
^We headed out to the beach and pried the kids away. They love it! They don't care as much about the cold.
^Before we headed out. Cute Leah. Mads isn't even phased.
^We hiked to Munson Creek Falls, or as close as we could get- and had lunch and pics.
^Then we drove to Cape Meares Lighthouse for some scenic views.
^We grabbed burgers on the way back and then ate yummy Peach Cobbler with gluten free flour. Yes!
Traditions don't have to die!

July 29-
^I ran a short distance and ended on the beach. Followed it up with some yummy GF pancakes and fruit.
^Mare did all of our hair in reverse braids. So great to keep hair out of our faces on a windy beach. :)
^The kids were in heaven and it actually felt warm. We took a mini nap while the kids played in the sand.

^Sand angels!
^Doggie pile on Ed!
^They had corn dogs- I found something else, but I rode the corn dog, so that counts.
^Ed really rode it!
^Ice cream for a treat and then back home.
We found a candy store with retro candy. Ed couldn't resist the fake cigs. Such nerds.

July 30-
^We liked the Hakuna Matata beachhouse. :) Mission accomplished-Memories made!
^Scenic seekers.
^Our last stop was Cannon beach. It was SO windy and cold. We didn't stay long, but been there, done that!
^Bye bye WA coast!
^Thanks for joining us friends!
^We got back and quickly picked wild fresh blackberries before the sun went down. Mare helped me make jam quick too. We had delicious burgers for dinner and put the kids to bed.
^We stayed up for games and one last traditional dessert. Strawberry shortcake heaven! Thanks for having us Laytons!

July 31-
^We love vacay, but we love home too. :) We drove all the way through. Great end to July.

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