Saturday, October 3, 2009

Party #3. Sarah's 2nd Birthday/Welcome Kai/New House/Thank You BBQ 8/22!

We had a 4-way backyard BBQ party with our friends to celebrate Sarah's 2nd Birthday, a welcoming of Kai (slept until the end), see the new house, and to thank our friends for all of their help with moving and the kids!
^2 years old!!
Kristen Katz, Me & Maren Layton
David Katz, Leah & Ryan Layton and Brian Drummond
^Yours Truly
Aufdermauers, Lindsay & Charlie Drummond, and Mikila & Corbin Duke
^Paul & Rebecca Nixon
^Christian & Molly Aufdermauer
^Thomas & Trinity Collins. (Not pictured: Busby's came later)
^ A cute picnic table Ed made for Sarah for her birthday! What a handyman!
^ Sarah loves to sing "Old MacDonald" and E-I-E-I-O, so I made her a barnyard cake with animal cupcakes. Turned out cute! Worth the time once a year. :)
^Because of her previous parties she knew what to do this time.
^Now you see it...
^... Now you don't!
^She had been asking for a bicycle for months!! All she wanted to do was ride and wear her helmet. Now we just have to teach her how to steer and pedal.
^ These are Sarah's best girl friends Sydney Katz & Leah Layton. They have a lot of matching outfits so we decided to take a few pictures. :) (Austin not pictured. :( )
Cute girls in the hammock!

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