Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grindelwald, Switzerland- Monday, May 23rd

We slept in. Finally! This is why we ended with Switzerland. We knew it would be low key, and not to mention BEAUTIFUL!! This is the view from our window. I could live there.
Every cow has a bell and that's the noise we woke up to. I welcomed it. I loved being in the mountains!
^ These cows were grazing next to our hotel. It looks just like a scene from The Sound of Music.
^Beautiful hills of wild flowers.
^We couldn't stop talking about how amazing the views were.

After our picture taking we headed into the city center to walk around.
Cool buildings
More cool views

A cool cemetery! I wouldn't mind being buried there. Each tombstone was so different and had it's own patch of flowers surrounding it.
So well taken care of and special.
Of course we tried out the local bakery pastries. Delicious as always...
MMM... Apple pastries
More pictures of the many different bathrooms we came across...

^A picture of the different trash receptacles in each country. Just fun to see the differences.
^Ed sampling a fountain in the middle of the town.
After the city we headed to Thunersee Lake
for some more beautiful scenery...
and a short nap.
After a quick stop back to the hotel we came back to town for dinner and had pizza at an Italian place.

Then in the evening we watched a movie and played Phase 10. Nice relaxing day!

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mj said...

that was a goooooooooooood day. much better than the day least for me! loved grindelwald.