Friday, November 11, 2011

Travel Day from Bayeux to Grindelwald, Switzerland-Sunday, May 22nd

Sunday we headed out for our drive to Switzerland. We made a stop to fill up and grabbed some treats.
^Meat flavored chips that Paul told us about. He was surprised at how many more chip options France has than U.S. He also said there is a shortage of BBQ sauce- so we sent him some as part of a tip. :)
^NOT cheap to fill up. And there were SO MANY TOLLS! My advice- do not drive country to country in Europe if you are trying to save money. :)

Yes, it was a long drive!

^Luckily we had Mad Libs to keep us entertained for part of the time. :)
^And unique snacks.
Finally to Switzerland!
Ausfahrt- a funny way of saying "exit" in German. ;) We loved trying to change our accents with each new country we visited. Good fun!
^We drove past Basel where my grandmother was born.
Then we stopped at the Bern Temple. Each anniversary Ed and I try to visit a new temple.
Pretty cool that the temple was in Europe this year!

We finally made it to Grindelwald!
It was pouring rain, and it was beautiful!

After about an hour of searching and driving far up into the Alps, we found our hotel. Quite a beauty! Luckily they fed us and opened up the kitchen to feed us dinner. :)
^The mountain air was great, but the flies were not! Ryan, hunting for flies...

Great food!

The boys killing more flies in our room...

Our room...

^After dinner we stayed up late and played cards.

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