Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lucerne, Switzerland-Wednesday, May 25th- Farewell Europe!

For our last day in Europe we started the day out right by getting a plethora of our favorite- PASTRIES!!

I grew up eating Bircher muesli (cold oatmeal with fresh fruit) and really wanted to try it authentic from Switzerland. It takes very similar to what I was used to! MMMM!

The Linzer was better in France...

After breakfast we made our way to some sights in the small town.
Some famous lion carved into a rock...
We went to a transportation museum where the boys did a lame flight simulator. :)

Then we walked back through town

We got some lunch and went to the pool at the hotel.

The water was freezing, but we took a quick dip anyway. ;)
Then we got dressed again and went on a Lake Lucerne boat tour.

We were quite impressed with German. Especially the second option- Extrafahrten. :)

The boat tour was very delightful as you can see.
After the tour we got some souvenirs and chocolate, packed a little and headed to dinner at a Swiss yodeling show. A must for me. ;)

We had fondue

Food was pretty good.
Entertainment was great! Everyone but us were drunk I think. ;) We got true Swiss-German music. Yodeling, which Maren went on stage to try, and alphorns- which I tried to do. ;)
I got a Ricola as my prize. ;) Maren's prize was to chug a big glass of beer. She politely declined. :)

Meat and potatoes

I would totally suggest the show. It was great entertainment and gave us a good feel for the culture.

Ed took some night shots of the lake, we finished packing and got some shut eye before our early flights.
On the plane, well vacationed, ready for home and to see the kiddos.
^We all had some difficulties with delays and such (Ed and I had 8 hours in Atlanta?), Maren with customs, etc...

Long delays, long flights= super pooped, but we MADE IT!!!

We loved each country for different reasons and would definitely visit again! To see Maren's take on the trip, here is the start of a string of posts and pics from her blog regarding Europe.

A special thanks to all the people and family that helped us with kids and other things to make it possible for us to go. Love you!

Now that Europe posts are FINALLY over I can catch up on the last half of the year and hopefully get up to date!! Old pics are not near as cool as current ones. ;)

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