Wednesday, November 30, 2011

JUNE 2011

June 1- We got home to our flourishing garden

^Sweet to go out back and pick some lettuce and cilantro. If only I could minus the bugs. ;)

June 2- On a drive somewhere...the typical cute sleeping pics...

^Cute little man with long lashes.
^Boysenberries from our yard.

June 7-
Nasty buggers! Any night I came home late these nasty cockroaches would scatter in the garage. Luckily they were never inside and were exterminated shortly after their appearance.

June 9- Sarah Graduates from 3yr old pre school at Serra Park with Sunnyvale Community Center. Little Lion Cub.

^Sarah loved pre school! Congrats little bug!

Some of her classmates and teacher Suma, Papiya and Vivian.
Sarah and Serra Park. :)

Jun 12- Ed was inspired by the fresh bread in Europe and decided to make his own baguettes. They were great! I love that Ed is not only willing to bake/cook, but he's great at it.

June 13- Happy Hollow with Leah and Livia!
^If you can't tell- Sarah is a little nervous about the frog hopper.
^First ring pops on our way out.

June 14- Berry picking #1 with friends- Ollolieberries

Such a fun tradition every summer.

^After church with Dad.
^Cup says it all!
Later in the afternoon we got together with the Katzs and Laytons to celebrate the daddies. Some manly foods were provided.
^Root Beer made by Maren

^Fruit Salad, Ribeye Steaks (not pictured)
^Corn on the Cob
Chocolate Chip cookies with Bacon made by Maren
^And fabulous homemade Cheesecake by Kristen.
Scrumptious food for the men we love!
Ed told me if I loved him I would buy him a popcorn popper and so...
Love the father of my kids! They adore him too!
The Katzs
^The Laytons
^And one more cute picture of Ed and the kids.

June 20- Chillin' with Leah day

June 21- Day at the Santa Cruz beach and ice cream on the way home. Fun family outing.

^Kaylynn gave Sarah her first and only swim lesson. At the beginning of summer Sarah wouldn't even put her face under water. That definitely changed and by the end of summer she was totally comfortable doing anything with a lifejacket on. Especially jumping in!
^Auz and Nimbus- typical sleeping spots at night. Silly cats.

June 25- More fresh veggies from the garden. The kids eat full bowls of fresh peas.

June 25- Last date with Katz's- Dinner and bowling

Can't believe we didn't double more!

June 27th- Goodbye get-together for Kristen (So Cal) and Maren (New Hampshire)
^Yes they are loved and will be missed!!
^Baby blessing and a farewell to the Simmons moving to UT!

June 28- Final cookie baking Maren and Kristen.

Such a fun monthly activity

June 29- Berry Picking #2 with Dad- Strawberries

^Delicious box lunches at Gizdich Ranch!

Love summer!

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