Friday, November 11, 2011

Normandy/ A-Day/ D-Day- Saturday, May 21st

A-Day meaning, Anniversary #7 Day!! Of course the day started with pastries...
Then we met with Paul Woodage (his site) for our D-Day tour.
^We started on Omaha Beach- low tide.
^Very humbling place to be and so neat to learn about all the history!
^The stories Paul told gave such a realistic idea of what it must have been like.

^All the original stuff.
^So many amazing stories about individual soldiers.
^Delicious baguettes on-site while Paul told us stories.

Beautiful views! Gorgeous Day!

^Paul had the coolest accent! I loved listening to everything and he told us some funny english terms too. :)

American soil in France. Cemetery owned by U.S. for lost soldiers. American grass, etc. brought over and thriving in France.

^Jewish graves- can't remember what the rocks symbolize...
^Gravesides of some of the soldiers' stories we heard.

Beautiful countryside we drove through.

Pointe du Hoc-
^Standing in a bomb crater! Crazy!
^and beautiful!

It was crazy to see what damage was done from the bombings

^Huge slabs of concrete thrown all over the place!
Onto another site. Beautiful!
And then on to the German cemetary...
Much different feel than that of the American army.
Black instead of white headstones- and supposedly these crosses were added much later.
After a day of learning about tragedies and triumphs,- we went back to bayeux, cleaned up and Ed and I went to a nice dinner for our anniversary. ;)

^Devoured creme brulee

^The true meaning of the word- shower. Made me chuckle.
^7 years married!

Faking the itch. ;)

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