Tuesday, December 27, 2011

August 2011

August 1- I left for a run in the early morning and noticed a squirrel in the bush outside the passenger window. I thought it was a little odd that it didn't scurry away when I backed out, but found it even more odd when I got home and it was still there??
I figured it was stuck so I called on Ed to come help it. He put on some gloves and tried to help it out.
It eventually climbed through the bushes to hide. We're guessing it was either injured or poisoned? Squirrels don't usually stick around. Oh well. They are everywhere in CA!

August 3-7: Harman Family trip in Santa Cruz, CA.
We got a beach house in Santa Cruz for the Harman family trip this year. We were this close to the beach in a great house! Ed's parents, Sis's fam and Randy & Moody were able to make it. We missed the other two families who couldn't come...
- and so did my kids. But we still had some fun. ;) We went to the boardwalk one day and rode rides,
We went to the beach quite a bit,

We searched for sea shells,

We played in the sand,
We ate and hung out,

We made a campfire on our own little private beach,

We played games,

We did exactly what you are supposed to do on vacation- RELAX!!!
Sarah and Kai enjoyed their first slurpees,

And Ed, Randy, Forrest, Melissa and Bri all took surfing lessons and surfed a few times and loved it!

Thanks for coming to California Harman Family!!! Come again!! Only everyone next time. ;)

After the beach trip grandparents and Randy stayed with us. We went on a hike to Sawyer Camp Trail.

After we said farewells to family- I took a pregnancy text confirming we are indeed pregnant with baby#3. :)

August 12-
Library trip with the kids

August 15- Ed get's stung by a bee in his armpit while riding his motorcycle. Youch! Here is the culprit that fell out of his jacket when he got home...

August 16-Sarah's beautiful coloring skills. She loves to color and draw!

August 19th- Kids first trip to Six Flags. Maginots and us.

First try of cotton candy. Sarah didn't like it.

Thanks for letting us tag along Michelle! We had a great time!

August 24th- Sarah's 4th Birthday!!
One of Sarah's friends, Lucy, met up with us at Happy Hollow. Fun!
^After watching Sarah hold blankets on her head all the time as replacements for Rapunzel hair, I decided to make her some hair out of golden fabric myself and then attach it to a headband so she doesn't have to hold blankets anymore. ;) She loved it!
^Since we decided to have her party on a different day, we made panCAKES for dinner. One of her favorites. ;)
She got lots of great presents. Thanks everyone!

August 25th- Sarah's first day of 4-yr-old preschool at Lakewood Elementary.

August 27th- Sarah's Bday party!
^ The complicated prep of braiding yarn for multiple hair/bow holders as party favors!
We had an all girl party this year. The girls were invited to dress up. They colored upon arrival.
^They pinned frying pans on Flynn Rider.

^We made pascal party blowers.
^We painted the walls as Rapunzel does.

^The kids loved it!!!
^Then we ate a doughnut Rapunzel Tower cake. :)
Happy 4th Birthday beautiful Sarah!

^Kai was the only boy... besides dad. :) Lucky!
^All the girls wearing their Rapunzel braids.
Top: Hathaway, Hazel, Felicity, Sarah, Paige
Bottom: Livia, Lucy, Adelina, Izzy, Emerson, Macie
^Opening gifts- Sarah's favorite...Princesses!
^Watching Tangled at the end while waiting for parents.
^And letting our lantern go at the end of the party. ;)

August 29th- Giants game with Thomanders

August 31st- Kai eats it hard at the park! Ouch!

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