Wednesday, December 28, 2011

September 2011

Sept 2- We started out September with some Labor Day weekend camping. We went for just one night with the Shafers:
and the Bonds:

Sept 3-
Fun times were had of course.

The kids got along swimmingly
^And sweet Pepper slept through most of it. Good babe!
^The weather was perfect
And the kids loved the outdoor time.
In the afternoon we got a sitter and headed up to Sausalito Art Show to see my bro-in-law and sis. Aaron had a booth at the show. You can see his cool paintings behind us or here.

Cami, Me and Aaron
We stayed and went to the city for dinner with them. Thanks to those that watched our kids to make this possible. :)

Sept 5- Labor Day at the Beach
MMM Pizza my Heart at the beach!

We met up with the Thomanders there. Fun outing for the day!

Sept 6- Cami and Aaron came and stayed with us for a couple nights. We took advantage and went out to eat and see some movies a couple nights in a row. So fun to have company! We're not used to staying up so late! ;)

Sept 8-
We also made it up to the city to see some museums and take some quick pics. Foggy!

Sept 16th- Sarah's 4 yr old check up. Such a big girl now!

Sept 16-17- RAGNAR from San Francisco to Calistoga, CA. My Ragnar gift bag. :)
Victorious Secrets was our team name. I ran with 12 fellow female friends.
Van #2-
Sarah, Whitney, Heidi, Me, Julianne and Laura
This was the first Ragnar in Northern CA. And a first Ragnar experience for all of us! I was runner #10= 20+ miles total- and pregnant (11-12 wks), as they all discovered when we got up there. ;) Surprise!

^1st run of the relay: 7.8 miles- 3pm
^Our van supported all of our runners the whole way.
Middle of the night runs with our awesome vests!

^Run #2- 6 miles- 2am
And dreadful run#3 - 6.8 miles in 80-90 degree heat!! One of my hardest runs to go into mentally. Not sure I would ever sign up to do that again!! 2pm

Group shots

^Refuel in Napa

Everyone did so great! So fun to get to know all of these ladies better! Overall Ragnar was a great experience. No sleep and all!
Ed and Multiple friends helped out with these little munchkins while I ran. You can see they were well taken care of. ;) Thanks everyone!

Sept 27- Happy Birthday Whitney!

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