Saturday, December 31, 2011

November 2011

Since we found out we were moving to Utah near the end of October, I decided to take some last pictures of our cute little CA house on Peach Avenue before I started to start packing. 1300 square feet seemed plenty big for our family, but we're excited to start a new adventure and it just feels like good timing. Very tough decision though! That's the hard part. We aren't leaving CA because we don't like it. Ed loves his job, we have great friends, etc., but one thing is missing... the chance to own a home and live close to family. We'd like to give that a shot!

Nov 8- Sarah's Room:

Master Bath:
Kids Bath:
Kai's Room:

Our Room:

Living Room:



I don't want to forget any of it! We started our family in CA. We love our friends and neighbors. Our kitties love it here. The area is amazing! Hard to imagine it's coming to an end...

Nov 10- Ed's Birthday Surprise!
A gracious friend watched our kids while I surprised Ed with a day out for his birthday (a few days early). First we got burgers for lunch at The Counter. MMM! And then we drove to the Palo Alto Airport...Ed had no idea, but has always wanted to fly a plane. Since we are leaving the area I decided he HAD to go at least once! Expensive hobby... but I finally surprised him!
He was all smiles!
^Looks complicated to me!
^Our HOT pilot!
I got to come along in our 4 passenger plane with Ed and the instructor. We took off from Palo Alto and flew to Half Moon Bay. Beautiful Day to fly!
Beautiful views from above

Ed got to take off and land once. First ever flight! He did great!

^I don't think this look ever left Ed's face. He loved it! And I loved seeing him so happy! Well deserved!

^Stanford University from above

^Ed and the instructor, Howard.

Happy Birthday Eddie Pie! Love you! Glad we got to check one of the things off your list that you really want to do. Our pocketbook fears this won't be your last time flying. ;)

Nov 13- A day out golfing with a friend, Ed's ALMOST hole in one! Hotty!

November 15- Ed's 36th Bday!
It's birthday tradition to go to dinner with Nixon's (Paul's bday is the 14th) and Kaylynn and Brook.
^Birthday Boys at Forbes Mill Steakhouse. Cute!

Nov 16th- L.A. Trip pre- Thanksgiving. We left in the morning and of course stopped along the way for fast food. The kids always love ice cream on the road.

Typical Road Sleeping pics

We drove straight to Kristen's, did some hair and had dinner and let the kids play and then drove to our hotel for the night.

Nov 17th- Disneyland Day 1

The kids had a pretty good time, but they are still scared of a lot of the rides since they are sometimes dark, fast or loud. Oh well! We made the best of it! We spent time in California Adventure and then met Kristen later at Disneyland.

It was critical Sarah meet Rapunzel this time. :)
I couldn't go on some of the rides being prego, but Ed and Kristen took the kids on Matterhorn (which Sarah was obviously afraid of), and other rides.
Kristen left, we had dinner and then we tried to stay late for the World of Color Show at CA Adventure, but our kids must be a little too young and Sarah must have really sensitive ears? We left about 15 minutes into the show. Oh well!

Nov 18- Day 2 at Disneyland! We met princesses. Sarah cared more about this than rides I think. We met:
and Sleeping Beauty!
Then the Katz came again for the day, with David this time, and we went to CA Adventure first...
3d at Toy Story
Then we went to Disneyland for the parade. Great seats and the kids loved it!

^We love you Katz's!
^Group pic
^We went on a couple more rides and then stayed for fireworks, but as you can see before the fireworks even started, we lost one to slumber. Long day for little ones. It will only get better. :)

Nov 19- We drove to Katz's for Sydney's 5th bday party. Princess themed as you can see, so we were happy not to miss out. ;)

^Happy #5 Syd! We love you!
^Then we drove to Visalia to see the Cheney's one last time for a while and stay for the night. We got to see the twins, do some hair, go to church in the morn, and then we headed out. :) Love you Cheney's!

Nov 20- The ever so hot (not) pregnancy pictures! 20 weeks!

Nov 24- Thanksgiving!! Ed worked the whole night before Thanksgiving and for 3 nights following but was luckily off for the day! :) We brined and cooked our first turkey, and as you can was beautiful, large, and delicious!!!

^ Our table setting. We were joined by friends who brought most everything else. We had turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, veggies, yams, beans and homemade rolls. Don't forget the pumpkin pie and razzleberry pie. Our company and food was SO SO good! We were joined by the-
^And McPhies...some of the only other peeps without families around. ;)
^We are so Thankful!

Nov 27-

We had dinner with Thomanders and then went to a Christmas parade in downtown Palo Alto. Gotta get in all the time we can with wonderful friends!! We will surely miss you all!

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Julie said...

Lindsay, so funny that you say the kids didn't like the rides at Disneyland. We took Ryleigh right before Christmas, and we got stuck on Pirates - she now HATES "yo ho". We made her go on the Matterhorn twice with all of us and the first time she was like "WOW... that was kinda fun." The second time, she was DONE and she covered her eyes the entire ride. Now out of nowhere, she informs us of her dislike of both rides. So I guess we have a few more years til she gets over her "fear" of rides hmm?