Monday, December 5, 2011

JULY 2011

July 1st-
This is my way of trying to trick you into the idea that I make everything homemade. :)
My first time making freezer jam alone. :) Strawberry and Ollolieberry from the times I went berry picking...
Then in the afternoon we met up with Layton's and Katz's for a hike at Rancho San Antonio. Ed was on call so he stayed home with Kai to nap.
Always fun to be out in nature with good company.

We weren't able to make it out camping as a group so we decided to camp in our backyard. ;)
^Kaylynn and Brook came to say hello and visit and we made smores over the gas firetable ed concocted.

Parents in Orange, Kids in Red.

Jun 2nd-
^Then in the morning we made delicious breakfast.
Camping on our deck was fun!
^Later in the evening we went bowling with Thomanders

July 4th- Kicked of with the annual ward breakfast. :)

^Then for tradition we got KFC and then went and ate it at Katz's pool.

Then went to a BBQ at Kirks.
Sarah played some baseball
We took pics of our festive outfits...

Later that evening we met up with Katz's at Shoreline for fireworks and snapped some cute pics.

^Fireworks were good as always.

July 7th- We did a lot of swimming at Shafer's pool too this summer.

July 8th- KAI'S BIRTHDAY #2
^Proof of how hot it was that day. That's what you get with no AC.
^Set up for the party
^Kai's cupcakes and cake. (At this age we just pick an interest of the kids and theme the party after it)
^Cowboy/Woody Party and cutie pie Kai!
^Sarah in character
Great company and presents for Kai.
Kai at age 2:
Weight: 30pds 8oz (80%)
Height: 36.5 inches (93%)

Kai doesn't seem to have any food dislikes yet. Loves sugar. He had some immunizations. Talks a ton!! Big sentences. Says things like, "Isss a good drink, and I no want to." Runs more. Likes to jump off things. Big climber. More independent. No sense of fear, hence the multiple times jumping in the pool this summer. :) Still hasn't climbed out of the crib. Sleeps from 7p-7a. Has quiet time and naps for about 1.5 hours. Super active. Gives hugs and kisses. Says adorable prayers. Likes to disobey directions. Zero interest in potty training. Doesn't like loud noises. Still loves his monkey blanket, sleeps with it and sucks on it. It reeks!!!

At this age we also invite our friends to celebrate with us since Kai hasn't established many friendships yet.
^Kaylynn and Brook




Cute pics of the kids after...

Sarah and Emerson

^Kai and Waverly

July 9th and 10th- Visit to Visalia for Cheney babies blessing.
^Proof of how bad the eczema gets on my hands... Gross! And painful.
^We love the Cheneys!

When we got home in the evening I got some pictures taken with a good number of my friends that also have mini vans. (There are many more) I'm not sure this will ever happen again and thought it would be funny. :) Best practical car ever for this stage in our life.

Join the club!! :)
A cucumber from the garden. Obviously a first garden which is why it's fun to document.

July 12th-
^Kai sporting one of his bday gifts.
^Kai mistakenly thought this was an apple I think. :) Took one bite of the tomato and left it as I found later.

July 15th and 16th- Girls Getaway to Monterey
We shopped at the outlets in Gilroy on our way down to Monterey and then caught some rays at the hotel before we headed out for the night.
After our shopping spree...
...we got dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant, and then went to the latest Harry Potter. (Not pictured)
and then went to the latest Harry Potter. (Not pictured)
In the morning after this delicious breakfast (best hotel buffet breakfast ever) we got ready and went to cannary row and rented a surrey and drove the path and took some pics.

Exhausted from shopping! :)
We need pedicures and yogurt!
^Ed's car was packed full. :) Fun trip ladies!

July 17th- Paige, the kids favorite sitter- before she left for college.
Farewell for Katz's moving to UCLA for business school

^Best friends
July 18th- Kid's mini sleepover with Katzs the night before they leave.

July 19th- Cutest/Saddest bestie goodbye hugs

Sad to see the Katz's go!!! We know we'll see them again!

July 20th- Sarah's first dance class and recital at the community center. Teacher Andrea.

^Cutest ballerina!

Later we went to Happy Hollow as a family and the kids got their faces painted with daddy there.

July 21st- Stew and Nicole visit :)
Farmers Market
^Ed helped me fill 100 balloons for a primary activity.

July 22-24, Yosemite with McPhies and Thomanders
We made it there just in time to make dinner (dutch oven lasagna), set up, get the kids in bed and visit. Ed is a great story teller.
In the morning we got ready and headed out for some hikes to waterfalls and swimming ponds. It was hot!

^We all jumped off that rock into the water and swam with the kids for a bit. Fun!
After a minor detour after our hikes....we had dinner and delicious Cobbler.
Then we just chilled around the fire.

^Ed and Scott decided it would be a good idea to sleep in hammocks that night.
The kids got along great and Ed seemed to have a magic trick for entertaining them.
Jaimi made delicious wheat pancakes for breakfast.

We left the campsite and went on a short hike before we headed home.

We like Yosemite! We had to make sure to go after living in CA 4 years! Thanks McPhies and Thomanders!

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