Monday, October 5, 2009

AUGUST CATCH UP! Trip to UT 8/6-13

We had a rough start to our trip when our flight got cancelled and we luckily found a flight out in the evening. We spent the whole first day in the airport. Not fun with 2 kids! The next day (pics to come) Ed and Sarah headed up to Idaho for the Harman family trip while Kai and I stayed back to take it easy since he had just been in the hospital. Most of UT was just chillin' at my mom's.
^Sarah and Kai did great on the flight!
^Kai's first flight.
^This is what he did. Didn't make a peep.
^Kai meets Grandpa Johnson
^And spent some good time with Grandma Johnson. Also his 1 month old birthday. ;)
^I saw my best friends from UT. We met up at the Daybreak beach in UT. Next come to my beach ladies. :)
^Kai did a lot of recuperating.
^ And we were all tuckered out by the end of the trip.
^ This little one needs to be back on a schedule!!


Unknown said...

cute updates! kai is getting so big!

Chelle said...

Don't you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? It seems like we always come back exhausted. :) And be lucky you got to fly...we just drove to CA to see Jared's family and it was a NIGHTMARE....

The Wiser Side said...

I still have a hard time seeing your dad without his mustache! Your mom looks beautiful as always