Saturday, October 3, 2009

Party #2. Sarah's Friend Party! 8/21

We had an Elmo party for Sarah with her friends she see's most. We went to a park, had some pizza, played on the playground, and ate these yummy cupcakes I made.

^Sarah just watched the candle long enough that...
^... Sydney did the honors.:) Love the look on her face!

^Party animal!
McPhie kids, Katz kids, Leah, Tori, Lucy, Livia, & Thomander kids
^Rachel & Ty
^Lucy, Tori & Emerson
^ Mary & Livia
^Maren took some cute pics of Sarah playing.
^Such a big 2 year old!
^Showing off the gifts
^Sarah & Leah hugs. Cute!
^ And finishing off with little "Ring Around the Rosies."

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