Friday, October 23, 2009

September CATCH UP!

September started out with Sarah sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time. She did great the first night, stayed in bed, no crying, if only it lasted...
^ We wore some hard core rocker shirts to a rocker concert.
^The Laytons accompanied us. Also wearing some rocker apparel. (Maren created her own)
^The concert was awesome! I really loved it! Ed has always been a fan. I became a fan when I was little from my big brother Landon. :)
^ An attempt at getting the stage in the background.
^Precious sleepy shots. That's what babes do. :)

^Family photo
^Happy boy!
^Big sis
^So helpful to baby Kai.
^YAY! Grandpa & Grandma Harman came in town for the blessing.
^Crying= I'm done with picture time. :)

Kai's first blow out... all over daddy! :) Kai went from pooping every day to about every 3-4 days. So when he does he makes up for it.

^Kai only got 1 immunization out of the 6 recommended (we break them up) and still had a rough night! Happy to see him asleep comfortably.
Kai is generally eating every 3 hours during the day and every 5 at night. I wake to feed at 10pm, he wakes at 3am... he goes right back to sleep like a good boy. Starting at 2 months I stopped waking him to feed before I sleep and he started going over 5 hours between feeds. After a couple nights after shots- Kai moved to the crib in the nursery!
2 Month Stats:
Length: 1'10.25" (25%)
Weight: 12lb 6.4 oz (69%)
Head circ: 39.5cm (39%)

^Daddy helping Sarah fly her first kite!
^Sarah loves to give Ed or I a book to read in her bed while she reads one too.
^Cute random of Sarah
Kai boo boo starting to smile!

^Ed went to Tahoe to speak at a conference, so the kids and I came along, spent the night and then drove an hour to spend a night with Duke & Morghan who now live in Reno.

^Me, Whitney & Lindsay
For Whitney's 30th birthday we went to the city, did some shopping, got dinner and dessert and stayed in a hotel to shop some more in the morning. Ed had the kids at home. ;) We had a great time and bought matching bracelets for memories. :)

^The night after Whitney's bday Ed picked me up and we met the Cheney's at the Giants game.
^Ed & Duke
^Kai at his first Giants game
^ Somehow managed to get him to sleep at this extremely hot, noisy game. It didn't last long...
^The had we bought Sarah last year finally fits! Morghan got us the beads. :)
^Looks like such a tough girl!
^We always have a great time with the Cheneys! Glad they live closer!


Tanji, Jimmy Jay and Baby Taislyn! said...

I still haven't put Jay in a big bed...I've been dreading it. I figured, since he hasn't ever tried climbing out, I'm not rushing. We are planning on it this next month, though. I'm absolutely DREADING it though!!! And Kai is soo dang cute. I still can't tell who he looks like, though. He's a doll!

Ellie said...

Your kids are seriously sooooooo cute! Love their cute smiles!

Jennifer Phillips said...

It is still weird to me that you have a 2nd child. I almost forget until I see the cute pictures of him. I can't believe how big he is. So how is motherhood the 2nd time around?? Easier? Harder? With 10 weeks left I am starting to get anxious.