Saturday, October 3, 2009

Party #1. Sarah's B-Day Party in UT 8/12

We had a early birthday party for Sarah with our families in UT. We hate for her to miss out on spending time with grandparents and cousins just because we live in CA.
^She loved playing in the park while we waited for the family to come.
^We visited and had cupcakes and punch.
Cami & Aaron
Neil, Jodi, Avery and Mom
^Stewart, Nicole, Felicity, Josh & (Zoey being held by someone else. :))
^Randy, Moody & Zoey
^Briana representing the Bertuzzi's( Justin, Melissa and Forrest at youth conference)
^Cute Cute Zoey! 3 months older than Kai!
^Grandma & Grandpa Harman
^Chris, Jaimy, Reese and Devon
^We love you bug!
^All of the cousins loved helping Sarah open her gifts.
^Neil, Debbie (Landon had to work)

^Elle was Sarah's special helper with her gifts. :) Thanks Elle! Such a good momma
^And this... just for kicks! :)

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