Saturday, October 3, 2009

Randy and Moody visit SF 8/13-18

Before Randy and Moody went back to China they came to visit SF. Thursday we took it easy, Friday they went into the city.
^Our little bundle
^Saturday we went to the beach in Santa Cruz. Sarah loved playing with them. The weather was good, but it was kind of stinky from all the fires.
^We got to relax a little.
^First time at the beach, Kai stayed bundled and asleep.

^Sarah gave us some boogery grins. :)

^Sunday we went to walk around Stanford. Moody is a master at sunflower seeds.
^Sarah loved Moody and took a liking to seeds too. :)

^Monday we went to Monterrey Bay Aquarium. Sarah had some tantrums, but enjoyed the fish okay.
Some randoms of Kai

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