Saturday, October 3, 2009

Randy & Moody's Ceremony 8/10

^Harman Family 2009
^Harman grandkids 2009
^During the wedding Sarah was supposed to be a flower girl, but this is what ended up happening. She usually loves to be in the spotlight?
^Ed was behind the camera most of the time. He always gets some precious shots. Randy brought back these china flower girl dresses. So cute!
^Fun to come together as a family to have a ceremony for the last of the Harman kids. Randy & Moody will officially be married in China sometime soon. I did Moody's hair for the ceremony with the help of my sister Cami.
^Everything turned out great!
^ Especially to see this happy guy! Love to see a smile on Randy's face. :) Congrats Randy & Moody!

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