Friday, July 7, 2017

April 2017

April 1-

^Activity Days gives the girls social time together learning how to serve and do fun crafts and things. Grateful for these organizations that are total assets.

April 2-
 ^We got together with the Katz's for breakfast and Conference. It was delicious! Kristen made killer cinnamon rolls and we did a puzzle while listening. Fun to pass the time with friends. Thanks for having us!
^Nachos for afternoon session. When we're home for a 2 hour window, we have time. :) We do nails during conference too. Being busy helps me listen better. 
^Call me crazy! With the realization that I'm 35, I felt pressure to run another marathon and try and qualify for Boston since I came somewhat close last time. Especially if I get to add 5 minutes to my time now. I thought I was done with 5, but I kind of want to go out with a bang and the ultimate runners goal. Signing up adds motivation. Eek!

April 4-
 ^Working from home in between exercise and kids. Pretty great!

April 5-
^Steph needed help cleaning up to move out of her place. I try my best when I see a need. Always fun to catch up.

April 6-
 ^So this happened last night. Ed was playing ultimate frisbee with the YM and hurt his foot pretty bad. Hopefully nothing too major. He will be in a boot for a bit. Getting old...! :)
^Grandma Yost passed away and we wanted to be there. Such great memories as children. It was fun to drive up to Idaho Falls as a family and see cousins, Aunts and Uncles. Thanks for letting us be part of your family! Hopefully we won't wait another 18 years until we see you all again!
 ^Daddy took care of dinner at home with the kids. We drove up to ID and back in a day. Not too bad. 

April 7-
 ^God's creations, flowers, and color make life better. Love these tulips!
^Activity days for my group and Sarah's group. Keeps these girls busy doing good things.

April 8-
 ^Super Saturday Solo! A little bit different alone, but I still have a vision and enjoy helping people. :)
 ^Spirit of Children Gala and charity event. Fun to get dressed up. We won more auction items than we thought we would. Hahaha!

April 9-
 ^We obviously weren't planning on this snow!! :( It slightly bent the awning poles, almost put holes in it from the heavy snow taking it down to the ground and onto the patio furniture, and I feared the death of my beloved tulips. I did my best to break some of the snow off of them so the stems don't snap. Hoping for revival! Cruel snow this time of year! Too much!

April 10-
^I got to chaperone on Kai's field trip to the Aquarium. Wrangling 6 boys went okay. :)

April 11-
^Daddie and Maddie eating popcorn and spending some one-on-one.
 ^I have sweet friends. I'm throwing around the idea of going mostly gluten free and sweet Bethany gave me a pep talk and brought me her favorite GF cookies. They were delicious! I think I'll be okay!

April 12-
^I love walking up to my house this time of year. Everyone is happy about the sun! We all love the warmth.
^Movie with the kiddos. :)

April 13-
^Ray doesn't slow us down at all. She blends right in. Sarah was carrying her around and laid down on the couch with her and sang her songs. The next thing we knew is she was asleep. Super sweet when I realized. Sarah will be a great babysitter. :)

April 14-
 ^A monthly goal for the year, because this goal can only bring goodness.
^Mountain Mikes is our new fave. Yum! Spring break took us to Boss baby with the kids. Breaks mean more quality time. 

April 15-
^Ivory Crossing Easter Egg hunt. :)
 ^Our first activity we helped with. Donuts/fruit/egg hunt and bouncy houses. Not flawless, but we are volunteers. :)
 ^Wore this little one right out. Sleeping kids are the best! Just cause they are extra cute.
 ^Mama stayed and helped me in the yard. Productive Saturday. Ed mowed, we weeded and transplanted flowers and the kids played around us. 
^Date night. Just us.

April 16-
^Some pictures of what our Easter looked like. Easter clothes, church, dying eggs, easter baskets, and a beautiful day!

April 18-
 ^Everyone likes Plinko. Another day in Kai's class. Madison does pretty great helping too.
^The Band is back for the Rose Festival. We were a little rusty. Sad to say we lost our bass, Steve, but Mike's friend John is filling in and will be great. Live on Cold Storage Band!

April 20-
 ^Madison is a great self entertainer. She is just a happy little thing and we feel lucky. It makes watching Ray doable. She sleeps great!
^We had a redo ear piercing. On St. Patty's I noticed that one of Sarah's holes looked super low on her ear. We went back to the piercing place and showed them the mess up. The lady was super great and said she would redo them for no cost. We were grateful for good customer service.
^No preferred to have to do it twice, but these holes look much better placed than the old ones. Sarah was brave.

April 21-
^I used to be the one convincing them to run. Now they all go super early most mornings. I joined them today. Weather was perfect. Longest run of the year so far. I got new ankle supports since mine seem pretty wimpy. They worked great.
^I have a candy problem. Loading up for our trip in a couple days. Plus everything looks better when you're cleansing. :)
 ^Ed so nicely went with mom to get her first iPhone. I think she will end up liking it...
 ^All the kids had a late night with neighborhood friends. Popcorn and a movie. :)

April 22-
 ^Tam spray tanned me last night for our upcoming trip. :) I look a little orange. Ha! She and I went for a quick run.
^Yay! It always comes back together. 
^Making music and adding new stuff is just fun. :)
^Red Eye flights! Not preferred, but it takes some time to fly to the Dominican Republic. No complaints! Thanks for the (mostly) free trip Beachbody!

April 23-
^We made it! Travels went okay. :) We found Chase and Shayla upon arrival, got set up in our awesome room. This was our first time at an all inclusive resort. We went to the pool, got dinner, went to opening ceremonies, danced and played cards.
^Every room has it's own hot tub. The humidity keeps you warm though. ;)

April 24-
^Working on vacation means being the example and working out on vacation. ;) The work out was the new program coming out called Shift Shop. Working out with a group always gives us more energy.
 ^Breakfast and refueling after exercise.
 ^The forecast showed rain every day, so we had to sneak out in between the rain. 
 ^Beautiful view off the balcony. So glad Ed could come this year! Not sure we would have ever come to Punta Cana without this freebie.
 ^Not much to do besides relax and eat. :)

April 25-
 ^Another group work out and we met Michael Neiman.
^Chillin at the pool. :)
 ^Cute little Madison on FaceTime. Sad to see tears in this cute girls eyes. We miss the kiddies too!
 ^We went on an excursion to ride buggies and swim in a cave.
 ^Sad to see the poverty away from the resorts. They brought us to beaches where everyone wants to sell you something. Great day overall. We went back to the pool since the sun was out when we got back.
 ^Then we had a dinner while there was a Michael Jackson performer.
^Pretty great dancing and entertainment.

April 26-
 ^Snorkeling adventure day! 
^Diving down hurts my ears, but Ed swam with the fish okay. :)
 ^Always fun to be on a boat. Nice people.
 ^We came back and got couples massages as one of the perks of the trip. Feeling pampered.
^We stopped in to closing ceremonies. I met Autumn and then we grabbed dinner and played games for our last night.

April 27-
 ^Bye bye Dominican!
^We turned a layover in JFK, into a day and a half trip to see these sweet friends. Thanks for letting us stay! Kaylynn is always hospitable. We went into the city, met up with Brook and tried to catch a show, but decided to go tomorrow instead. So we got ramen...
 ^...and stopped in a pastry shop. YUM! Full day of fun and good to be back in the U. S. 

April 28-
 ^Kaylynn and I went for a morning run. It was super foggy, but fun for old times sake. Running is how we met.
^Then Ed and I headed out to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, try the famous pizza, yummy ice cream, look at the awesome view, and then headed back on Citi bikes.
^We got dressed up for our show and headed out for a date night. Such a gorgeous view from right outside their apartment.
 ^They took us to a cool restaurant that looks up to the empire state building. Yummy food!
 ^Then we headed to the show, Waitress! Sara Bareilles starred in it since she wrote it and we loved it! After Kaylynn took us to Karaoke, since I'd never been and we had a great time. Wore ourselves right out. :)

April 29-
 ^Gorgeous view! Dreamy. We went to Central Park with Kaylynn and Brook and rented bikes and drove around it. We went to Levain bakery for some cookies and then Ed and I headed to the airport. Lots of goodness packed into a couple days, but so glad we got to reconnect with these friends. Excited to see the kids!

April 30-
^We missed 'em! Madison getting some daddy time, and we gave them their prizes from the trip. Back to life and reality- which is just as great as vacation in a different way. :)

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