Friday, July 7, 2017

January 2017

January 3-
^Reality has set in. I am no longer the youthful girl with no health issues. I used to be clean slate going in to doctors, and now I have a list of medications I'm taking and I have a pill organizer!! How does this happen? I feel too young for this unknown territory. :( I feel like a guinea pig. Way different than just a pig. Dumb Thyroid. 

Jan 5-
^Mads does good at self entertaining. She did this puzzle with little help from me. :)

Jan 6-
^Kristen came with me and helped me pick out the decor to fill up our built-ins. So fun feeling like what I buy actually has purpose and will be long term.
^Activity Days. Decorating our planners and making some new goals. :)

Jan 7-
^Sarah has some great hustle and heart when she commits to something. She always tries her best. Jr. Jazz.
^Ed took his mom on a date for her birthday. :) Love my man! He is good at planning special occasions.
^So... I went and hung with the ladies at mamas. Puzzles, music, babies and cookies. Yep!

Jan 8-
^Sunday resting...:)

Jan 10-
^I don't throw up much, but when I do I feel so relieved! Way better than nausea and knots in my tummy. Luckily sickness doesn't visit me often and when it does, it leaves pretty quick. Sick day!
^Madison was a good sport. While I laid on the couch, she did puzzles and such. 
^I hope I age as well as my beautiful mama. I sipped on coke at her birthday dinner. So glad we could    celebrate her on her day!

Jan 11-
^Playdo goodness. Queen Self Entertain.

Jan 12-
^Thursday's just got better. Helping Cam's out and watching Ray once a week for her. Can you say #babyfix? I just wanted her to have a baby. So glad she did! Happy to help.
^Ed and I went to a Love and Logic parenting class. Katz's came too. I want to be a kinder mom. These reminders are necessary. 

Jan 13-
^Fairytale Friday in Kai's class. Today we learned about Walt Disney and dreaming. I'm a dreamer.

Jan 14-
^Saddest story. Madison ended up sitting on a toilet for 2 hours at our friend's party tonight waiting for me to help her, and I didn't realize it. I just thought she was playing while we were chatting. When I found her when it was time to leave, she was in tears, I was in tears and feeling so awful and guilty! She told me she still loves me, but I won't forget this. Clue in Lindsey!!

Jan 15-
^We got to highlight Kai and talk about some of the things that make him unique. Great to be 8. It's going to be a good year buddy.

Jan 16-
^FHE. We were planning on Trolls, but it was sold out, so we ended up in 3D storks. 3D is not my fave. At least we did it together! ;)

Jan 17-
^Curiosity museum with friends. Everyone is happy.

Jan 19-
^Love these ladies. We have visited monthly for a few years. Not sure I would know them so well otherwise. Ray came along and even slept. 

Jan 20-
^In the winter, we wear robes to keep warm. All the kids got robes for Christmas. Today we were twinning.
^Daddy took Madison up on the mountain for her first ski day! Special moment. Awesome papa.
^Activity days personalized jewelry boxes. :)
^Dad took Kai on a boys night to the movie, so I took the girls on the girls night to Classic, and Sarah brought Lizzy. Forced me to step it up a little. I eventually got skates and only biffed once. ;)

Jan 21-
^70 years for grandma was worth a surprise celebration! Glad Madison and Charles have each other as some of the youngest cousins.

Jan 22-
^We cooked for the Johnson family tonight. Fajitas. Who doesn't love fajitas and Mexican food?!

Jan 23-
^Reading already?! Exciting and requires patience...;)
 ^FHE activity. The kids eat this stuff up!
^Where's Madison?! Sarah's bed. Took care of herself. Ha!

Jan 24-
^5 years in our Utah home and the first house we've owned. So grateful to be decorating and making life a little more permanent and cozy.

Jan 25-
^Ed has been so excited in planning this. He serves in the Young Men's program and for the combined activity they simulated a plane crash and situation to help the kids be prepared in life. To not procrastinate righteous living and to be good people. 
^So fun to be a part of the night. Ed and Shane were pilots and us wives were flight attendants. We used my hair cart for snack/drink delivery and it ended up being a great success. Love being married to a creative guy that commits and delivers.

Jan 26- My birthday!
^The fam wanted to take me to breakfast, so we went to my favorite place! They gave me pie. Everyone knows me well. Multiple other friends delivered other sweets/treats. They know the way to my heart. :) We watch Ray for the first part of the day...
^...until someone knocked on my door. Ed arranged for Kristen to take me away for the evening. So thoughtful of Ed, and nice of Kristen to go. Another friend met up with us where we shopped to give me sugar cookies-a total fave- and then we grabbed a snack before heading downtown. We got pedicures at the most sketchy and scandalous video nail salon close by. Ha! Then she shopped a little, got dinner at Copper Onion. Delish! And then gelato of course. Food. Birthday's usually=food. :)

Jan 27-
^We got delicious Acai bowls for breakfast and headed home. Tonight I got to celebrate my birthday with the family. We made it back to the dollar theater for Trolls and it was so cute! Love my cute family. Best gift ever.

Jan 28-
^I LOVE birthday week! Spoiled. Mom took me for lunch and a treat.
^Later we got dinner with friends. Thanks for contributing and making me feel special!

Jan 29-
^More celebrating with one of my favorite treats. Donuts! Mid 30's now! Feels good.

Jan 30-
^All the partying this week wore me out! Can't pass up stuggle time with these cuties. It always slows me down and brings good perspective.

Jan 31-
^One of my New Year's goals was to attend the temple each month. Service is important to me, and I like the peace I feel here. Barely made it on the last day of the month!!
^More celebrations with friends and food. Thank you friends! High exercise and then Leatherby's to compensate.

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