Friday, July 7, 2017

December 2016

December 1-
^Fighting to eat our veggies. I like to buy full carrots because they are crunchier. If my kids see me eating something, they typically ask me for some. Motivates me to make healthier choices sometimes.
^I love it when they play nice together. An okay kind of quiet.

Dec 2-
^They wanted to finish all of their puzzles in the morning.
^Fairytale Friday's in Kai's class. :) Fulfilling my mom duties.
After school got out and we are off track, we left for Boise, ID for the first part of our trip to WA! We got in late and sleeping with the kids was pretty crummy. They were all itchy and wired.

Dec 3-
^The hotel was bizarre and the only window we had looked out to the lobby. We ate breakfast and drove the rest of the distance. We got there and chilled a while.
^We met up with Chase and Shayla for dinner and dessert. So fun that they live so close! Glad it worked out to see them.

Dec 4-
^Church day!
^Madison, Kate and Jane had the same dress from pass downs from older siblings. :)
^It was a wonderful relaxing day. The kids played (Oh Kai!), and after a delicious dinner, we did too! Settlers always causes some tension...:)

Dec 5-
^I got up early and drove to Shayla's for a quick work out and visit. Definitely wanted to fit in some visit time.
^We got ready and drove to the coast. Super winter-y!
^We toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Fun to see.
^The cheese was good, but the ice cream was even better!
^We barely made it to the coast by sunset. Beautiful views. Brrrr! We love exploration!
^Hilarious signs from Mare.

Dec 6-
^We meant to go on a hike. Didn't happen. It was way too snowy! Snowy and gorgeous!!
^So we played in the snow for a bit and headed back.
^Chase is a firefighter in Portland, so we took the kids for a quick tour of the station for fun.
^Mare makes yummy meals. We had scones for breakfast and then Navajo tacos for dinn. Yum!! The kids were great, and so was the sign...

Dec 7-
^Another work out with Shay and a farewell for now. I can always count on her for a good work out. Glad we're friends.
^On our way out of town we stopped in a Multnomah Falls. It was freezing, windy, and slippery!
^ We hiked up a little, grabbed some pics and got on our way. Thank you Layton's for hosting us, a little later than the original plan in November. Glad it worked out!! We'll be back!
^On our drive back we found a decent restaurant and the kids tried sushi for the first time. :) Nachos and sushi go well together, right? Nachos always sound good. We were going to stop on the way back as well, but decided to drive through and just get home!
^Right before getting home we reached 100,000 miles on the van! Not bad for a 2007 van! Ed is so sweet to drive. He let me drive a short stint this trip, but I usually get so tired and sleep plenty. We made it home safe!

Dec 8-
^A celebration for Heidi's bday! Best place to celebrate friends!

Dec 9-
 ^She keeps busy while I exercise. Madison is great at self entertaining. Youngest child.
 ^Lunch to celebrate a late birthday or something. :) We never have enough time to chat...
^Activity Days cookie decorating and white elephant gift exchange.
 ^We got together with the Millets and went to dinner/Top Golf. Fun to reunite with these friends. It's been too long! P.S. I suck at golf, but it was still fun!

Dec 10-
 ^Junior Jazz. So funny to watch this age group. Kai is super enthusiastic though.
^Madison had her Christmas recital. She did great! I think I like her dancing more than she does.
 ^Christmas dinner and white elephant party with friends. Always a good time!

Dec 12-
^Appointment day! Today I drove to Mt Pleasant to meet with an No problem about my thyroid issues and depression. Hoping for a fix. It was super far away! A different experience, but it felt good to be a little more understood. Bloodwork is the next step...
^Later we headed to Kristen's to decorate Christmas cookies, just like old times. So glad she moved to Utah!! :) I never dreamed!

Dec 13-
^Just something about sleepy kids. Love.

Dec 14-
^I love finding sleepy kids. Always a treat.

Dec 15-
^Still doing hair in between life. Love working from home! It's busy before Christmas!
 ^Yay!! It's few and far between that we see each other anymore. We got together for dinner and to catch up. :) Grateful for these girls and their long term friendship.

Dec 16-
^We got together to decorate Christmas cookies, and eat them. ;) Lizzy, Heidi, Mom and Cam's, and of course babes, Ray! Love my fam!
 ^Activity days and making cute gingerbread houses. :) Holiday fun.
^Tonight we headed downtown to use our Jr Jazz tickets from the kids playing, and to see the beautiful Christmas lights at Temple Square. Love this tradition.

Dec 17-
^Neighborhood party and pics with Santa after the ward Christmas breakfast. ;)
^Thne off to Jr. Jazz games. :) They are both getting better. Many aspirations.
^Ed and I stopped in to a holiday sing along with some friends I grew up with. Fun to stay connected. Ed's a good sport.

Dec 18-
^On chill days we do holiday nails. :)
^We also made neighborhood treats for Christmas. Sugar nuts are so yum!

Dec 21-
^Cam's so nice to come over and do my hair!
^Madison had her Christmas program at preschool. This Santa is the best!

Dec 22-
^The kids had their last piano lesson with Sharon Dutson for a while. They did great with her, but early mornings before school was hard. We are going to take a short break.

Dec 23-
^We took the kids to SING and it was so cute!! Happy feelings!
^A lunch gift from Meg for Christmas. Yum, thanks!

Dec 24- Christmas Eve
^With the Harman Fam this year. :) Always a great set up, and my favorite tradition of risalamande (rice pudding). So amazing! Nicole makes killer desserts!
^We played this fun game with teeth retractors and recited The Night Before Christmas, with fam. :) Entertaining. 
^Yay!! A current family pic! Fun evening!
^2017 ornaments. Love this tradition.
^The kids got new jammies and robes! To all a goodnight!

Dec 25- Christmas
^We waited until after church to open our Christmas gifts. The biggest gift the kids got was a trip to Disney World in February! So excited! Love Christmas Sunday!
^Because everyone should eat cinnamon rolls on Christmas. :)
^Sarah showing off her gifts. A pillow pet, beanie boo, phone for music, pics and games and headphones, plane ticket and remote control car.
^Madison wanted a pink ball. The kids were simple this year. Everyone is up to date on ski gear! I got some hair stuff and running medal hanger. Ed got a knife. :)
^Christmas dinner with the Johnsons. Chill night, more teeth retracting reads and yummy food. Merry Christmas!
 ^Our 2017 Christmas Greetings
^I love seeing friends from near and far every year. So fun to remember the places we've lived, relationships we've built and our friend's families grow.

Dec 27-
^We got all geared up (literally) to go skiing, and decided we needed a raincheck when lines were SO long! It would have been miserable. So we got slurpees...
^...and went sledding instead. Turned a lemon into lemonade.:)

Dec 29-
 ^This adorable girl and Auz, just because.
 ^A late gift from after Christmas sales. The things that bring mom's joy. Like new vacuums. ;)

Dec 30-
 ^Yearly apt! All is well!
 ^Fun cutting hair for friends, and Addie, one of Sarah's friends, has so much hair!

 Dec 31- New Years Eve
^We played games with friends, and toasted with cider to 2017! Hope it's a happy New Year! Here goes!

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