Friday, July 7, 2017

June 2017

June 1-
^So glad the pool is open!
^Everyone gets hungry when they swim, so we try to bring healthy snacks.
^Rain brings gorgeous rainbows!

June 2-
^I got suckered into Ragnar again this year. Wasn't planning on it, but I love Melissa, and I always know it will be a good time and beUTAHful views! Run 1 was great, and hot!
^Awesome daddy took the kids to Lagoon. Grateful for this supportive family of mine!
^Taggarts is so yum! You must be careful what you fuel your body with while running for a couple days straight, but treats always feel deserved! Run 2 in the pitch black went well. Sleepy gals!

June 3-
^Run 3 was all downhill! We had a great time running and it's fun to meet new friends!
^Uncle Justin invited Ed and the kids to the lake for fishing. They loved fishing on his new boat and eating hot dogs. :)

June 4-
^We eat lots of watermelon this time of year, and this is the fastest way to get it in our mouths!

June 5-
^ Off track so we went to the library and played Uno for FHE. The kids love games. I did too.

June 6-
^Off track zoo day and everyone got to bring a friend. 
^Friends keep us all happy!

June 7-
^This is usually as far as I get at making my bed. Maybe when I like my comforter and pillows I'll make it all the way? That's what I keep telling myself. ;)
^Sarah has her county report this month. She was assigned Juab County, so we drove to it and visited some of the sites. Or tried to. :) We ended up being able to see a pioneer museum, and while we were there we were told about a good hike we could do.
^The hike ended up being much longer than we anticipated and because we weren't planning on it, we weren't wearing water shoes. We weren't able to make it all the way to the waterfall because of rushing water, but we still had a good time together hiking the Salt Creek Trail. :) Wore them right out! Especially mom! :)
^Doggy pile on daddy! They won't be this little much longer. :(

June 8-
^Pool day with the babe and Madison. Ray is super chill and I can usually get her to nap in the corner  while we sun bathe.
^Open Your Heart- American Heart Association charity event and auction. It's fun dressing up with the surgeons and perfusionists for these events. Masquerade Black Tie for this one. Ed's job makes a difference.

June 9-
^Just me and her leaves plenty of time for gel nails. 
^Ed got me NYOTB and Paula Abdul concert tickets with Talitha for Mother's Day. This concert was so fun and made me feel like a crazed teen again. I didn't even really listen to NKOTB that much, but they were great in concert. It helped that we were 4th row seats on the isle. Being close makes any concert fun and they came out into the audience too!

June 10-
^Warm cement laying is one of the best feelings when you're swimming. Or Madison laid on me. :)
^The kids had their spring concert. Their teach Alicia is great! Fun to see them progress.
^The food storage room got a little messy. Looks so much better! Helped me assess what we still need.
^A wedding for one of Ed's work friends, Brooke. Pretty wedding and the crepes were my fave!

June 14-
^Field trip to the Capitol with Sarah's class. Very interesting and much more effective as an adult when you understand this stuff better. :)

June 15-
^County oral report today. Sarah did a great job on her poster. We spend much of our free time at the pool. I had bunko tonight and showed off my 5 finger forehead. :) Madison is always sleeping in the strangest positions. Her and Sarah.
^Sarah got to decorate a box as part of her report to represent her county as well.

June 16-
^Amber was in town, so she and Natalie came and visited and worked out with me. :) Love it!
^For Mother's Day we took mom on one-night getaway. We started with lunch, and then grabbed some cookies at Ruby Snap. Were headed to Park City and were going to get pedicures, but all the shops were closed, so we headed to the hotel to drop off our stuff and ended up getting Indian food for dinner. Yum!

^Looks like Ed took the kids Indian as well. ;)

June 17-
We slept well and then headed out for breakfast and a hike.
^Vessel Kitchen was so yummy and fresh!
Then we hiked the Lambs Canyon Trail. It took us a good amount of time. Pretty sure it was about 4 miles round trip? We made it to the top and Ray was happy and slept. We traded her off multiple times. We ended our day with a delicious Acai bowl. Yum! So fun to spend time with mama making memories by being together.
^Any time we have a free night, we usually take the kids to Lagoon. Season passes allow for small trips which we prefer. Fun times! Sarah looks too grown up with this Snapchat filter! Beautiful girl!

June 18-
^Happy Father's Day Edward! Thanks for being such an involved daddy. The kids adore you, and watching you magnify your father skills makes me love you more. 
^We got together with the Johnson's at Draper Park and had dinner and the kids played. Fun to celebrate the Dad's today!

June 19-
^My cute girls chilling with the cat. Nutrition matters more than I wish it did, so I keep trying! And this dry nail business has got to stop! Hurts so bad! Finally made a dermatologist apt. I thought it would just go away. Ouch!
^Def Leppard is the best band! Easily my favorite concert, and always a great time with these rockers!

June 20-
^When the calendar is empty- we go to the pool and chill or read. 

June 21-
^Ed headed off to High Adventure Camp in the Tetons with the scouts and his Teacher's group. 38 boys and 9 leaders. Ed loves his calling with he YM, and does it well.
^Love seeing Cami more now that Ray is here. We hung at the pool with Liz and mama came later. Ray's first swim was a success.
^Fun day! Sarah had Activity Day's camp and made a tie dye shirt. :)

June 22-
^High adventure fun for Ed. Looks like a great challenge. I bet the boys are loving it!
^Activity Days fun for Sarah!
^It's always fun trying to snag cute pictures of Ray.
^Madison does a wonderful job of entertaining her.

June 23-
^Mads falls asleep anytime we drive. I read some info regarding Hashimotos and that I need to be gluten free all the way for it to help. I cried some tears, but my friend delivered this book and I think I can do this for a month. Paleo for 30 days. There's a meal plan. I'm shooting for gluten free in July and Paleo in August. Eek!
^I'm not a big fan of the rodeo, but I am a big fan of family support and Jodi sang the National Anthem for the Lehi rodeo, so we went. The kids love mingling with their cousins as well.
^We all love the snacks and they do motorcycles at the end too. :)

June 24-
^Little princess comes and takes Ed's spot after he leaves almost every morning. I don't mind. She sneaks in and sleeps as long as me without disrupting our night sleep. 

June 26-
^Fun when people donate hair. Big changes are the best!
^I couldn't find any Pokemon invites for Kai's party, so we went old fashioned and made our own Poke 8 ball invites. :)
^Precursor to a crazier night. We went to the pool and everyone was playing. I was chatting with a neighbor, Ed was playing basketball with the youth. Next thing I know is he runs over with a towel on his head and says we need to leave. He jumped up into the rim on accident and felt it grab his head. OUCH!
June 27-
^We have Dr.'s in the neighborhood, but weren't able to have it looked out until the next morning. Ed said he would wait. You can't see it, but it was definitely wounded enough to be stapled shut. Thank you Dr. Yeates for your service and friendship! We owe you!
^Fun to see all these ladies that were in the singles ward with Ed and I. Heather got married. Love to celebrate and catch up.

June 28-
^I always feel like a better mom when my kids hair is done. I'm not great at fancy hairdo's but I keep trying. Turned out cute. :)
^These built in's make decorating way more fun! This room looks so much better with them. Still happy and homey.

June 29-
^I did Tara's hair during Ray's nap. Fun to catch up with this old BFF of mine. Fun to have a challenge with these fun colors. We just touched up the roots for a wedding she came in town for.

June 30-
^Kai's first and last day of 1st grade! We're ready to move on!
^Sarah's first and last day of 4th grade! My beautiful girl is getting too big!
^We celebrated the last day of school by heading to Lagoon of course!
^Every kid loves slurpees. These will come in handy for the season.
^Love my people! And I love that we don't have to stay too long. :) Ed and I get feeling sick pretty quick! Happy graduation kids!
^We grabbed dinner when we got back and met up with friends to see Despicable Me 3. It was good enough. Fun to go with friends. Great day!

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