Friday, July 7, 2017

February 2017

^Getting showered and dressed is a pretty rare occurrence in this phase of life for me. Sometimes it's nice to document and just see myself put together. :) Car light is the best! I took this on my way out of the neighborhood and it like how it shows off my red.

^We went to lunch and hung out at Cam's.

Feb 2-
^We got our bands!! So excited for this trip and cashing in our Christmas gift.
^Meg took me to lunch for my birthday. I love birthday week/month! Thanks Meg!
^Thursday's bring Ray's. ;)

Feb 3-
^The kids had their Chinese New Years program. Madison just wore her Chinese dress too. :) Always amazed to see how well they are learning.
^It's so awesome when daddy gets to come!
^Activity days, exercise and healthy shakes!
^Weekends we try and go out. We went to Olive Garden for the first time in years! I still like it. Ed, not so much. :)
^Kai had a fun birthday party with friends. :)

Feb 4-
^Jr. Jazz is fun to watch at this age. :) Kai has quick feet. They are all good at traveling. :) None of the kids are star players, but I love that they will try new things and like being a part of things. I call that a win!
^When there's beautiful weather, you take advantage and head out on a quick run, even if it's work out number two. ;) First run of the year.
^For date night we saw Hidden Figures in the cushy seats. :)

Feb 5-
^Sunday's are typically our nail doing day. :)
^We had Ed's family over for dinner and made our delicious Salmon salad. We're not big super bowl watchers. Food is way more important! :)

Feb 6-
^It'd been 15 years since I had been, but I survived and was able to keep up with the kids. Fun family day! So glad when daddy has days off and we can do family outings! Lot's of pizza for me, and not the food kind. :)

Feb 8-
^Amazing sun rise Utah!
^An after ballet treat. :) This girl is such a joy! I feel the same way about cookies Mads. ;)
^We filmed our 80's lip sync...It was messy.

Feb 9-
^Little Ray fits in just great. Madison would have been an awesome big sister. She can be an awesome big cousin.
^Michelle and I got together for lunch at Zao. Yum! Thanks friend!
^I hear about a girls night and dancing and I say "yes". Mindi and I went together and Alisha was there too. Lots of yummy treats, a photo booth and dancing with just ladies for a gal pals night. Too bad more of our gal pals couldn't make it. Great work out.

Feb 10-
^Mary Beth came in town, so we got breakfast with her. Always fun to say hello and stay in contact.
^All ready for our 80's Adult Prom!
^My friend Toni let me borrow her high school dress with puffy sleeves. Totally 80's! Ed found and awesome suit and got me a corsage. 
^Dinner out with the group at Brio.
^They do a great job for a big party. :)
^Doesn't everyone look so good! An all inclusive party. We love the neighbors that were able to make it this year! Taylor's, Ogden's, Yeates's, Bertola's, Strong's, Garrison's, McDonald's and Linton's.
^Johnson's, Gilchrist's, Johnson's, Miller's and Shepherd's.
^Group pic! We had a great night. We watched lip sync's, and danced a little. Fun to do something outside the box once in a while. We think it's fun tradition.

Feb 11-
^Sarah had her last Jr. Jazz game. She makes amazing effort. Love her drive to be her best.
^Kids being kids. These pics sum up our day. We lazed around all day and did nothing productive.

Feb 12-
^More stunts and poses. I love it when they play nice together.

Feb 13-
^Duke and Morg came in town. They were our besties in Denver. So fun to see them and their family that has grown. 10 years since we lived in Denver and hung out often. Hopefully we will see you sooner than 4 years next time! :)
^V-day boxes. A dragon and Pokemon. I didn't have to helming too much.

Feb 14-
^Valentines school parties!
^Ed got me a flower tree that will hopefully live on! We ate heart pizza and hung out with our little loves, and ate chocolate donuts. True love. ;)

Feb 15-
^I bet Sarah will be babysitting Ray in no time...:)
^Ed took his dad to a game for a Christmas gift. Memories are the most valuable gift.

Feb 16-
^I did hair and Ray slept like a good girl. :)
^Neil's kids arrived this afternoon to stay for a couple days. We are up to 8 kids! :)
^I hosted Hunko with friends. Always fun and i like to provide some favorite snacks.

Feb 17-
^Fun to have cousins over. Its fun having closely matched cousins. Everyone gets along great and the kids are well mannered. 
^We ran to Ed's holiday party quick. Piano bar and fake guitars.

Feb 18-
^8 cute kids at church. We made it! Family trades are the best!

Feb 21-
^Giving Auz a last love before we head out for the week.
^Disney we come!
^Flight went great! The kids loved it and thought it was special. First time flying that they can remember.
^It was a travel day. We got situated, I got food at the store for the week, and we ended the night with an ice cream treat.

Feb 22-
^Disney World, Magic Kingdom, welcomed us with rain. Couldn't stop the party. We still had fun. And we matched. ;)

Feb 23-
^Epcot today! We matched again. We didn't have enough time to see it all, but it still wore us out. Full day, and sunny!

Feb 24-  
^Ed's conference started so the kids and I lounged at the pool for the morning. Amanda came and said hello. Great to see her!
^We headed to Animal Kingdom after. Madison slept through the Nemo show.
^We made it on all the rides.
^We matched with Mickey/Minnie wear today too. :)

Feb 25-
^Water park fun at Blizzard Beach!
^This family ride was the best!
^Dinner at the diner and Mickey ice cream. :)

Feb 26-
^We skipped Hollywood Studios and went back to Magic Kingdom sans rain. We had the morning with Ed, and then went back to the hotel and had dinner while Ed caught his flight back home. Great trip daddy, thanks!
^The kids and I went back to the park and rode more rides until almost closing. It did not disappoint. Wore the kids and mama out!

Feb 27-
^We had the morning to pack up and check out. Then we hung out at the pool until we took our shuttle to the airport. Orland airport was not nice to us. Security was a joke. We were running to catch our flight. I felt confident I could do it and we barely made it. Mom in tears by the end, but the good outweighed the bad. Back to the snow and real life. Good thing it's a good life.

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