Friday, July 7, 2017

March 2017

March 1-
^She is so delicate. I love watching her dance and learn. Cutest ballerina.

March 2/3-
^Ray day and she is rockin' tummy time! She is still sleeping like a champ too!
^Helped in Kai's classroom for Fairytale Friday. Even if Hellen Keller isn't a fairytale, we had a good talk about disabilities and being grateful for our abilities.
 ^Date night with my Ed!

March 4-
^Exercise motivation is friends and food. We ran to breakfast. :)
^He always gets his way eventually. Switched his red stick shift for a black automatic.

March 7-
^Madison comes and sneaks in bed with me after Ed leaves for work in the mornings. She is quiet and falls right back asleep. She is the only kid that's really done this.
^Off track time means a flexible schedule. The kids joined me during my work out today. :)
^Later we went to Thanksgiving point and brought some friends. :)

March 8- Madison's Birthday
^We are celebrating later, but had to shout out sweet Madison on her birthday. 5 years of happiness with this little one! Chill day and a party to come!

March 9-
^Party prep day and Ray didn't slow us down. :)
^We got together to celebrate Jennie's birthday. Relationships rule. Fun to see these friends and catch up when we can make it work. 

March 10-
 ^ Headed up the mountain, and the snow is higher than the car!
 ^The kids do awesome! I had a hard time keeping up today!
^Dad and Mads spent some time on the bunny hill and I went with the older kids.

^Family pic atop the mountain. I love them no matter where we are.

March 10-
^Kick ball for activity days and we found a group of boys as opponents. :)
^We got everything prepped for the Frozen party!
 ^Fun to see it all come together!
 ^Cute Mads! We ate pizza and did a few crafts with friends for her party. They made wands.
 ^Fun themed food!
^Pin the nose of olaf, piƱata, cut snowflakes out of coffee filters, dancing and then "freeze!" Madison had a blast! Loved celebrating her!

March 12-
 ^Puzzled at mom's for a bit and then just had a chill night with the family at home. Sunday's are much needed.
 ^Tonight we introduced the kids to "Honey I Shrunk the Kids". They liked it. :)

March 13-
 ^Another fun day up on the mountain! Feeling blessed!
^Madison had a lesson and is starting to move on her own. 
^I'm always following these two in amazement.
^We are giving experiences for gifts these days, so Ed took my dad to a Jazz game. :)

March 14-
 ^Off track=activities. Zoo day!

March 15-
^Cams comes and does my hair at my house now. Grateful to have a salon room. :) Then I just shower to rinse my color. Looks like a murder scene. :)

March 16-
^Shayla came in town, which usually means I get to see her and do her hair. Great reason! After her appointment we grabbed lunch! 

^Park time with the kids. We're getting antsy to get out when the weather is good. Fresh hair always feels great!

March 17-
 ^Lucky girl on a lucky day! I love holidays and the fun they bring. We always have Lucky Charms, there are beautiful flowers popping up in the yard and we saw a movie later. 

March 18-
 ^More running for breakfast. Will WORK for FOOD!
 ^I helped Cam make cupcakes for Aaron's 40th. :)
^Indian food dinner, temple date with Damon and Kaylie, and dessert after! Happiness.

March 19-
^A great Sunday with church, family dinner with the Johnson's and we had to get a pic with Ray and Sweet Baby Ray sauce! :)

March 20-
^5 year old well check showed that Madison is healthy! Such a blessing! And she survived KG shots!
^This kitty is a hunter. The bird teasing him.
^FHE we went to ice cream and McDonald's joined us. :)

March 21-
^Another off track day, so we headed to the Thanksgiving Point Farm to see the new spring babies. We watched a baby sheep be born. 
 ^The kids had pony rides and we had great company. :)
^Errands with Ed. We purchased his birthday suit finally! 4 months later!

March 22-
 ^I did Steph's hair, so she curled mine. :)
^The joys of motherhood. Rearing children, helping with homework, piano theory and doing laundry.
 ^Practice date night with the Caldwell's since we'll be in Punta Cana in a month! We got yummy Thai food at our favorite place and then got dessert at The Chocolate!

March 23-
 ^Chillin with the babe, Ray. Slowing down.

March 24-
^Wall sit challenge. Keeping busy with good things in all areas.
 ^Ed got called in, so we had a Friday family night without him. :( We watched Sing and the kids played on the tramp. Love their smiling faces and time to chill.

March 25-
 ^GNO with Sarah for General RS meeting. We ate at Cafe Rio, heard good words at the meeting and got dessert. :) Good one-on-one girl time.

March 26-
^We had visitors for dinner and I only got a pic with this one. Breakfast burritos and Kodiak cakes. Then homemade popcorn and a movie. Kids go back to school tomorrow.

March 27-
 ^We bought these tiles a couple years ago. Ed is handy, and it's going to look great!!
^She falls asleep in my arms. Love.

March 28-
 ^Fun to see some of the home improvements. Such great transformations and fun to live somewhere we plan to stay. It's starting to feel more homey here.

March 29-
 ^It was SO time! We thought about growing out, but I couldn't take it anymore! :) Looking sharp Kai!

March 30-
 ^Wall sits with friends! Always more fun! Glad to have you here ladies!
 ^She's a happy girl! Rolling now. Look at that smile! So rewarding.

March 31-
 ^Sample masks for fun!
 ^Yummy popsicles with friends.
^It's been too long since we've seen these Hanks! Love 'em.

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