Friday, July 7, 2017

May 2017

May 1-
^Madison got to play on my phone during my teeth cleaning. Instead of playing games she documented about 100 pics. Ha! Found some good pics and a selfie. :)

May 2-
^I love this color! Subtle red and highlight added.
^Sarah saw this at my friend, Maren's, and wanted to try. Fun!

May 3-
^Madison got some lip gloss at dance. Pucker up!
^We cleaned house and then went and bought more flowers for the yard. We placed them all. Now I just have to plant. Love the colors! Thanks for giving your time and talents Mama!

May 4-
^The kids got to perform their play of Beauty and the Beast, Trolls and Minions for the special needs kids at the Middle school today. They love any excuse to wear makeup and miss a little school. They did great!
^Ray Day! She is so easy to get to sleep. I know this won't always be, so we'll enjoy it. But we do love our play time. :)

May 5-
^Beautiful sights running! And after...:) hahaha!
^Auntie and Mom came out to play with Sam. We had popsicles and then the girls and I got dinner.

May 6-
  ^Play Day!
^The kids did great in their play tonight. Fun that so many neighbors participated as well. :)
^Thanks to our family's for coming and supporting! We grabbed pizza after.
^They all got an award for participation.
^When we got home we went for a quick walk before bedtime. :)

May 7-
^One of our favorite meals! We hosted the Harman's tonight. Teamwork! Ed does the meat, I do the veggies and fruit.

May 9-
^Cute Heather came for a haircut. I'm so glad hair keeps me in contact with friends I may not see otherwise. 
^Madison tried to climb a table at church and it fell on her I guess. First black eye, and giant bump!

May 11-

^She's so chill. Love it when Ed is home to help hold.
^We went on a walk and she snoozed and is always happy to see the kids when they get home.:)
^This ground cover is gorgeous!! Picturesque. Springtime makes my life better!

May 12-
^Activity Day fun! Any excuse to get out of the house, hang with friends and make stuff.
^This east view gets me every year. The green in the valley and the snow capped mountains. Madison zonked from running errands. I carried her in and continued her nap with her. :) Nimbus couldn't be left out either.
^I hosted and activity days for Mother's day where we planted flowers and made a poem to go along with it. :) Exhale!
^Ed and I went and hit a bucket of balls with the Spens. Fun date. :)

May 13-
^Refreshing to be up with the sun. Running keeps me at peace. :)
^We look forward to hanging with the kids one weekend night every week. Dinner and a dollar movie! Lego batman put us both to sleep. Must be getting old. The things you do for your kids!

May 14-
^Mother. A balance of the hardest and most rewarding job. Being a mom gives me more purpose. We went and visited our own mom's and Ed got me a flower bush and NKOTB tickets for a night out with Talitha. :)

May 15-
^Zupas with the kids.
^Ang invited me to attend an event with Carl Daikeler, the CEO of the company. Good reminder of why we do what we do. Trying to help others!

May 16-
^Sometimes I love days when there is no agenda.
^We have a good time together. That's most important, right?

May 17-
^We try our best at healthy snacks.
^I went with Cams to Maddie's reception. Any excuse to get together is good.

May 18-
^We needed a picture because we all worked out in similar colors today. :)

May 19-
^Got up early with these ladies for a run. Getting out of bed is the hardest part!
^Grandparents day program at school. Grateful the grandma's could make it!
^13 years in a couple days! We love steak, and usually celebrate with a nice dinner. Love you Ed!

May 20-
^Garage Selling with some friends. It's more fun that way. Just chit chat and sell our crap! :)
^Madison had her Spring Recital. She is a little doll face and their dance was adorable with their daddies! Tears cute.
^Cold Storage played for the Rose Festival and had a great night. :)

May 21-
^13 years official. The kids watched our wedding video with us this year. Lots of questions. I still fit in my dress and he can still lift me- for a short time! :) Win!!!

May 23-
^I love them more when their teeth are clean! :)
^The pool is open!

May 24-
^Last day of preschool! KG coming right up! Came quick!
^I planted my pots with Cams. Love this time of year.

May 25-
^Playdates with the neighborhood kids are great! So are walks with Miss Ray Rose! Hence the flower.
^Madison graduated from preschool. This was Mrs. Sandy and Jodi's last year teaching. I'm so glad we had them! We saw this program a handful of times between all the kids. :)

^Celebratory Ice Cream!

May 26-

^Kristen's hair always turns out great! She's good at challenging with new technics too. :)

May 27-
^We celebrated Landon's 40th birthday with the fam at a park. Good times!
^We had all the tickets to REAL tonight, so we brought the kids and wore our shirts. :) Great game! They are like me and just want treats. ;)

May 28-
^We were able to clean out the garage yesterday and it looks so much better than it did!! I love clean and organized!
^Braids always look so polished. Yummy dinner and dessert with friends after.

May 29-
^Marathon training! Memorial day run- which also makes me think of freedom. Freedom to run!
^Lagoon passes for birthday gifts. They love it! We tolerate it. ;) I do love being with the family.
^We had the family over for Memorial day dessert. The cousins love playing and we love hangin'.

May 30-
^I went out with the girls. Classic is always their first choice. They had a great time.
^ Loving my yard and flowers. Ed and I went on the date and the kids made sure to welcome us home with chalk where Ed's car drives in. :)

May 31-
^Last day of the month to hit my temple goal. A quiet and thoughtful morning.
^Madison's last dance class. :( She said she wants to try something different. I'm not going to fight her. Dance is expensive and involved. Even though she is the cutest ballerina!
^Chalk everywhere! But happy!

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