Saturday, December 17, 2016

April 2016

April 1-
^A beautiful morning run with some neighborhood friends.
^Super Saturday! Every quarter we congregate for some work info and motivational and uplifting stories. This one happened on a Friday evening which is unordinary. It also happened to fall on Angie's Birthday, so we celebrated after with pizza and ice-cream. We did a group work out beforehand to earn it. ;)

April 2-
^Daybreak park with the kids. Fun to drive a ways to experience something new. Mads obviously likes the swings.
^Kai gets to be a rascal and climb all over everything. 
^Sarah bear.
^Ed had priesthood meeting, so me and the kids went out for dinn.

April 3-
^Madison is little organizer/clean-freak. :) She organized her easter candy by color. Then the kids made a big fort in the living room.

April 4-
^Cams and I get together and run errands every so often.  Love it when we do!
^I went on a run, and the sky was incredible!

April 7-
^Steph came with us to the zoo for the day. Kai had a field trip there so we hung around with him for a while.
^I lose him almost every time we go to the zoo. He's always one step ahead. I think he gave the mom helper some anxiety. Whoops! He's just a busy boy!
^Yummy salads for dinner group.

April 8-
^Megan is always a great running buddy.
^The plan was Burgundy. It's beautiful and rich, but I might go a little more drastic next time. ;) More red.

April 9-
^A longer run with the ladies. :)

April 11-
^This time of year every time I drive up to the house I smile. The colors are amazing!
^Band practice! Fun with these guys.
^I just love the views!

April 13-
^Another long run. Fun running with friends. Always something to chat about to make the time pass.
^Kristen is so helpful. We meet up and shop for house stuff. She has a knack!
^This rarely happens. When it does, you know how tired they were...

April 14-
^Activity days activity. Planting pots. 

April 15-
^Mads checking out the rain.
^Shayla's hub flew her in town for a girls trip. So we got dinner and stayed downtown for the night. 

April 16-
^Grandma watched the kids.
^We had a relaxing morning and tried to go for a walk out at daybreak lake, but it was so windy! So we did a little shopping and I brought Shayla to her parents.

April 17-
Cute little church friends.
^We cooked for my family. Kabobs, yogurt sauce, mediterranean rice, pita bread, hummus and baklava. Yum!

April 18-
^Shayla came back for one last day. Fun to have her visit. We got yummy dinner and dessert. Eating is how we celebrate mostly. :)

April 20-
^More yard pics. Can't help myself! I planted more tulips last year and it's fun to see them!
^Anytime a babe sleeps in my arms it's a treat. Makes you feel so accomplished, right? Little Macie.
^My cute little preschool elephant.
^Madison learned to ride tonight! So adorable!

April 21-
^The time has arrived! Finally! Shutters change the look of a house so much!
^Love how finished they look! House improvements are the best! And super expensive! One step at a time!

April 22-
^Homework time. He is a better helper.
^Kai had his Kindergarten Mom/Dad program.
^Love our Kai! Fun to watch his program.
^Spring cookies!

April 23-
^We got invited along to a fancy dinner auction with the Primary Children's heart surgeons. Such a generous and respectable bunch. So fun to get dressed up and for a good cause.

April 25-
^Birthday lunch to celebrate Jodi. :)

April 26-
^Cleaning date with mama every 2 weeks! So lucky it's her to help me stay on track.

April 27-
^I love that there's aways someone to run with! Thanks Michelle and Tami!
^Snuggles with my girl.
^Kai running his laps for his school.
^Sarah's awesome style. Fashion glasses. Capris with soccer socks and sneakers. :)

April 28-
^Activity days of her painting my nails and me painting hers. :)
^Linds and I went to a girls night out. Just for fun. Dancing, treats, karaoke, dancing. It was fun! She's a wild one.

April 29-
^This cat just cute.
^Our neighborhood rocks! BBQ activity and treats. Always great company and food.

April 30-
^Marianne and I had to postpone this race from last year, so we ran this year. Thanksgiving Point 5K. Beautiful. Sure enough, she got a prize for her age group. So admirable that she is in great shape. Donuts and Fatboys at the end. Naturally.
^I love looking in the backyard and seeing them playing together!
^Prom hair! It's been a long while since I've done anything like this...
^RSL game tonight with friends. I love live sporting events. :)

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