Saturday, December 17, 2016

July 2016

July 1-
^This sweet sentimental girl is just like I was and am. She has a hard time moving on. Today was her last day of 3rd grade and the thought of not seeing her teacher again had her in tears by day end. I love her tender heart. 
^Sarah got invited with a friend, but we had a family night at mini golf. Families that play together, stay together.
^40 and still playing.

July 2-
^Lagoon season passes are definitely a hit. Today we spent most of the day at Laguna Beach. :)
^Date night! We got yummy indian food and saw a movie. There's always a treat involved if I have any say. ;)

July 3-
^Our patriotic church get up. I'm grateful for these days we spend making effort to learn more about our Savior's life and how we can try and be more like him. Living His principles brings freedom from  potential risks.
^Kai guy wanted an ice cream cake. So I made one with ice cream sandwiches and it was so yum!!

July 4-
^Celebrating my freedom and health by using my able body. Beautiful scenery always makes for a great distraction.
^Our garden prize! Onions! And an extremely over-pruned peach tree, Ed. Hope it survives! 
^Celebrating the 4th at a BBQ at Landon's. Fun, Family and always Food and Fireworks!

July 5-
^Little fish
^Medium fish
^Big fish
^Peak of Fire in the neighborhood is always a hit! Mingling with our neighbors. This year Julia came for a quick visit. Glad we can catch up every so often!

July 6-
^Late night with friends for Sarah. Grateful for good friends.

July 7-
^We run to breakfast. Pre calorie burn. :) Good times ladies!
^Fun to reconnect with Aly from high school. She came to the pool with her girls. It obviously tuckered out Madison. :)

July 8-
^Kai's day! Big 7!! Parent date at Lagoon. 
^Fun to celebrate this boy and give him all of our attention. I think we will do this every year. Looks like he's flipping the bird. Pretty sure he was making a W. hahaha!
^Pre=party set up. Ed insisted on this bike. Good thing our kids have one parent to do the fun/expensive stuff. :)
^Sarah was invited boating with Taya. Lucky girl! She loved it!

July 9-
^Ready to party!
^Star wars. Noodle light sabers. Bubble want thank you's. Water gun fights and slip and slide. Water balloon wars and a piƱata. I think they had fun.
^Light saber cupcake cake. Fun to execute the ideas on pinterest a few times each year while they are little.
^I think he's happy with his gift. Cute little man.
^Ed went with a buddy to this concert. :)

July 11-
^Off we go to CA! Long drive ahead. Caravanned with the Hanks! :)
^Cute little beach house in Santa Cruz.
^We got in town and got pizza and headed down to the beach. A little chilly, but the kids got along quickly.
^Sarah hiding in the corner closet playing games. Hahaha.

July 12-
^San Fran for the day! Cute group!
^We headed to Alcatraz. The kids did well with the tour.
^Behind bars. At least we're together!
^San Fran from the Alcatraz.
^Fun pic!
^ Tom just has a few+ kids. :) We went to the pier and got dinner- and donuts. Then Ghirardelli ;)
^Hard rock
^Neat bridge views. Neat fam. This place will always be special to us. It's where we started our family.

July 13-
^The cute little beach house. Pretty run views to enjoy and distract.
^Ah!! Aren't they just adorable?! Kids love the beach and sand and luckily we had some sun! Happy beach bums.
^Parent date while Jo watched the kids. :) Yummy dinner and Pinkberry- my fave froyo.

July 14-
^We drove to a beach today, but it was pretty windy and cold darn it! We didn't stay long.
^Later we went to the boardwalk. It was super pricey for the amount of time we had, so we played some arcade games and got ice cream and called it a night.

July 15-
^First Awakenings breakfast in Monterrey. My FAVE pancakes!! Wheat Germ.
^They we went to Monterrey Bay Aquarium. Can't beat it!
^We went for an evening beach run, but it wasn't extremely warm...
^Canasta! Evening gamin'.

July 16-
^The guys rented surf boards and loved going out each day.
^Today we split and we went and saw Finding Dory with the kids, got some CA surf shop souvenirs and then headed back to our stomping grounds to see the Nixons. 
^Paul and Rebecca were our great friends and we got to meet their twins for the first time! So fun to catch up and meet their adorable new additions and see their beautiful home remodel. 
^After our visit we drove the kids by our old house where they spent a few years. They didn't remember much. Then we went to one of our favorite restaurants- Dish Dash. MMMM!
^We drove back to the beach area and met up with Hanks for ice cream. :)

July 17-
^Nostalgic food. These are so bad for you, but I just love them! They accompany me on most vacations. ;)

July 19-
^What a sweetie! All tuckered out in stink bug.

July 20-
^Mormor passed. Always bitter sweet. The kids loved going for visits. She will be missed.
^We love you Mormor!
^Harman Family
^Activity Days Twilight camp

July 21-
^Keith Urban concert. His guitar skills and sultry voice make a good show. And our dates. :)

July 22-
^Renovation day! I've been dreaming of built-ins since we moved in! Almost 5 years later it's finally happening! We had to make changes to our mantle. Ed sawed off the ledges at the bottom and took a section of the top off. Super dusty!! I can't wait to see this come together!

July 23-
^Linds and I started riding and training for a triathlon in September. :) Grateful to have friends that like challenges too. 

July 24-
^Subbed in Madison's primary class today. Cute little tots.
^I let the kids help me with cookies today. It's usually a very controlled process. This takes effort for me. Messes are not my jam, but I recognize being clean isn't always the most important thing. I'm trying. They love to help. They all put on aprons. Cookies turned out great! Always tasty.
^These moments make my heart smile. Doing activities as a family outside is magical. Family bike ride. 

July 25-
^Lagoon for the day! We tolerate rides for the kids. :) We always have a good time and leave tired.
^In the evening we went to Stew and Nicole's for a little BBQ and fireworks. Thanks for the invite!

July 26-
^My big 4th grade beauty! The kids are taking busses to another elementary while their school is being renovated. Not ideal to start the school year out, but likely the only time they will be taking a bus. :)
^Haircuts for the new school year. Shorter for all.
^Daddy pile! 

July 27-
^1st grade! Full days! He is ready! We are ready! Excited for this smart boy to apply himself. Both kids out their outfit for their first day of school. :)
^Packed and ready to go to my first coach summit in Nashville. Met up with my coach Whit!
^My supporters and crew at home. :) Lucky lady!

July 28-
^Fun to be here with a group of familiar faces. Shakeo to start the day!
^Getting set up, shopping for coach apparel, sitting in workshops and meeting Darin Olien- Shakeology formulator. Beachbody has helped make me stronger every day.
^Learning how to make a difference by sharing.
^Group work out with Joel and Jericho. Killer!
^Sweaty gals! Group motivation.
^An evening out to dinner and we coordinated white.
^Opening ceremony! Some new big announcements and recognition rank! :)

July 29-
^Workshops today. Great motivational speakers and leaders.
 ^We were told Snapchat is the place to be...
^Later we got to go to an 80's concert. Billy Idol. So we went to a restaurant with live music, since that's what you do in Nashville- and then headed over.

July 30-
^Group workout. All the coaches in downtown Nashville. Such an amazing sight!
^Whew! The celebrity trainers kicked our butts!
^Many of the ladies on the team in our matching tanks.
^Closing ceremonies. Good experience. Not enough sleep though...:)

July 31-
^We were just chit chatting away until we looked up and realized our whole flight had boarded and they were calling the standby people! Eek! Pay attention! We barely made our flight. I was thinking I would sleep and then ended up chatting the whole flight home to sweet Lacy from corporate.
^How they keep quiet in church.
^Ed surprised me and had our built-ins installed while I was gone. I love them! The area feels so much more complete and home-y. :)

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