Saturday, December 17, 2016

November 2016

November 2-
^We were shocked when school pics came home this year. :) Sarah wore her fashion glasses. What?! :) Oh well. We decided against retakes for the story. Kai has an eyebrows up surprised face, but oh well! Their pictures show their personality. Madison's turned out adorable. :)

Nov 3-
^I try and go to Cam's and help pretty often. Can't stay away from this new born babe! Baby Ray getting some rays. ;)

 ^Kristen and I are headed off to see Maren for our 8th Great Escape! First Ridgefield and then Seattle!

Nov 4-
 ^We started the day with a work out and then left for Seattle! 10 years since Ed and I lived there! We made a stop and Winco for bulk candy. hahaha! And found a yummy sandwich shop on the way.
 ^After checking into our hotel and getting gussied up, we headed to dinner and some shoe shopping. Dessert after of course!
^Back at the hotel- Maren equipped us with some seriously awesome animal masks, and we played some Skip-Bo and listened to Shania.

Nov 5-
^The rain came. We went to a delicious, organic, fancy breakfast to start off the day.
 ^Then we went and saw the Fremont Troll and pulled our best troll faces.
 ^After the troll we went in for the most unique and cheap clothed group massage we have ever had. :)
 ^We took a ferry out to a little island and got some delicious homemade ice cream.
 ^When we got back we contributed to the nasty gum wall. Ew!!
^Then explored Pike Place Market and grabbed dinner.
 ^Our last stop was Top Pot donuts. I love donuts, but they create food babies...
^Snapchat never disappoints. :)
^Improv. All that matters is that we had fun.

Nov 6-
^Since we were so close we visited Kristen's brother's graveside in Puyallup, WA. They lost him 10 years ago and this is the first time she has been able to visit since the funeral. He was hit by a drunk driver on his mission. :( So glad we could do this with her.
 ^We grabbed a burger and headed back to Ridgefield.
^Love these ladies. Time and distance can't separate us. We join together once a year for a reset and friendship renewal. Ed's the best for staying home with the kids. For the first time we didn't take his car. We drove Larry- Mare's old car.

Nov 7-
 ^Ice cream with my people for FHE.

 Nov 8-
^SO many leaves!! Teamwork!

Nov 10-
 ^Disney on Ice. Probably the last year they are all young enough to enjoy it. :)

Nov 11-
^Turkey rolls for activity days. They turned out so cute.:)
 ^Ed headed off on his own guys surfing trip in San Diego. 
^The kids and I got dinner and went to the dollar theater.

Nov 12-
 ^He loves warmth, friends and surfing.
^They neighborhood preplanned a date night to the Morrissey concert. I went as a loner even though Ed was gone. I probably shouldn't have since I've never even heard Morrissey and the concert was bizarre and too graphic for my taste. Oh well! Lesson learned.

Nov 13-
 ^Ed and the boys are simple. They surfed every day and went to a pro game one day.

Nov 14-
^More surfing.
 ^Kristen helped me repaint Sarah's room. Ed didn't want to- so we took it on ourselves and surprised him. This was my first time painting a room. I couldn't have done any of it without Kristen. It looks so much better! Much more calming.
 ^I ran out later to catch up with Steph quick.
^Last night with no Ed- so I let Sarah share the bed with me. :)

Nov 15-
^Happy Birthday to Ed! We celebrated with some of our bests at Flemmings. 
Some qualities/highlights about Ed: 
He is a doer. He is not afraid to try new things.  He is super handy and isn't afraid of learning.  He is a dreamer and has lots of good ideas. He is a super involved dad. He helps out a lot. He is a great cook. He is musical in many ways. He has written and performed some music. He has a great sense of humor. He is responsible. He is super supportive. When he takes on a job, he does it well. He makes friends easy. He loves cars. He provides well. He has a job that makes a big difference in the world.
^Dentist day! One of these days none of them will have cavities...;)
 ^He's a pumpkin and loves pumpkin pie! Happy 41st Ed!

Nov 17-
^Keeping this one occupied and trying to play.
 ^Finding myself in a slump. Depressed. Time to figure it out for all our sakes. I made some appointments today. Good lots of times, but it's overwhelming the times I'm not. :( I can never tell if it's situational or a chemical imbalance.

Nov 20-
^Handsome Kai tries his best to be a good boy. Primary program today. We love listening to the kids.

Nov 21-
^More ice cream for FHE. It's the kids fave!

Nov 22-
^Sarah's cute friend Lizzy cut off her pink hair as a surprise for her mom. 
 ^Fun change. She is adorable.

Nov 23-
^Madison is a fun addition to exercise. She makes me smile. I let her be in charge of the camera timer while I did yoga. She got some great shots!

Nov 24-
 ^Turkey trot for Thanksgiving. Exercise always makes me feel like I can worry a little less about the amount of food consumed today. Ha!
 ^Johnsons side this year. We hosted.
 ^Adults visit and kids play.
^Delicious feast Johnson's!

^Especially thankful for the kiddos.

Nov 25-
 ^Yogurt trips/breaks make everyone happy. Thanks Meg.

Nov 26-
^We went and saw Moana and loved it!

^Land and Deb had Chase up here a few years ago and this is how we help give back. 
^Dinner for Primary Children's Families in the Ronald McDonald room.

Nov 28-
 ^For FHE we decorated our tree! We have simplified to be a one tree family. We love this as much as the kids.

Nov 29-
^Bunko is the the best break. Always a yummy treat.

Nov 30-
^This kitty comes begging for love every now and then. Even if I'm in the tub. Someone always needs love. :) Cute Nimbus.

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