Saturday, December 17, 2016

August 2016

August 2:
^Sported my new swag on our run this morning to Penny Anne's to celebrate Holly's birthday. :)
^We love getting a glimpse into Ed's day. 
^She lives in jammies. This cutie fell asleep on the couch with her panda backpack and later went for a ride on her bike, still in her jams.

August 3:
^Shayla came for a haircut and then we grabbed lunch. Madison must be growing! She fell asleep at lunch. So much afternoon sleeping as of late.
^Mads got to go on her first date. Bowling with Keat. :)

August 4:
^Good morning sunshine!
^Yep! She's growing. Hormonal, obviously. Look at that sad face!
Kai on the other hand, lost a tooth and is all smiles about it. 

^Discovering Snapchat is super entertaining...

August 5:
^Planks after work out. Mads just joins in. Snapped a pic of the kids wearing their twinner Cold Storage t-shirts. :)
^We eat a lot of guac and salsa in the summer! Especially because we have a garden full of tomatoes.
^Liz made adorable swiss cupcakes to celebrate our swiss heritage at our family reunion. 
^I love all these people. I wish everyone from the Bollinger side would come.
Heather and Rob are amazing hosts! Their yard is beautiful and the kids love swimming in their pool.
^It stormed a little, but we pulled through. 
^Eek! Makes me nervous! Glad he is daring.
^Still a playful boy!

August 6:
^Super Saturdays! Quarterly meetings to uplift and motivate and work out with fellow coaches.
^Double date with the Caldwells! Sushi, the REAL game and dessert. Three great things!

August 7:
^My friends always have cute clothes. I borrowed this one from Kristen. Love my job of trying to help promote self love.
^Mediterranean meal. Feeding family. Always yum!
^Two zonked girls. I brought home these glow sticks from our summit for the kids.

August 8:
^Summer sunsets and then having family night treats. :)

August 9:
^I'm not always good about kneeling, but I'm glad she caught me today and followed suit. Our most important job as a parent is to teach.
^Fun getting together for breakfast with these gals. We missed Jenny.
^Sleepovers are pretty constant. They usually end up splitting, but tonight they made it!

August 10:
^My sweetest friend, Kaylynn, send me homemade soap for my sensitive skin. She's amazing!
^Pool day with Jenn! Mads is such a sweet helper and happy camper.
^Just because that bike is tiny and she looks adorable on it.

August 11:
^Ed had a rolo contest at work and won first place! Happy to see him have fun once in a while in such a stressful, serious setting.

August 12:
^Auz is always finding the sunny spot. :)
^Remodeling of their school has them being bussed to another school for a bit. Not loving the extra headache of drop off/pick up, but this is likely the only time the kids will get to experience riding a school bus. :)
^Fun daddy got some new lights and dance moves..;)

August 13:
^Anytime we go up to Jodi's cabin with family, I sneak out on a run. The sights are amazing! Great way to start the day!
^Chillaxing. Doing whatev. Always yummy food too.
^Community swimming pool time!
^Pool was pretty ghetto, but the kids don't care! I swam for the first time before my tri and it's much harder than I remember. Uh oh!
^Cute family swim!
^Swiss meal and Pete's Dragon at the local theater. :)

August 14:
^Midway is gorgeous, and so is my food. Omelets and fruit. Health tastes yum.
^Aaron was in the Park City art show, so we wanted to make sure and stop by and support. His oil paintings are incredible!

August 15:
^I LOVE working out with friends. More the merrier!
^2nd cousin fun! We saw this crowd many times growing up. We made sure we got together to catch up. I LOVE these gatherings. I'm totally a nostalgic person. Fun to see you Haddock's!
^Watch out! Stepping on bee's in the grass will sometimes get you stung! First time for Kai.

August 17:
^My swimming mentor, Heidi! Bless you for giving me tips, friend!
^These lashes simplify my life. High maintenance, but low maintenance...
^Family bike rides or walks are pretty regular this time of year. :) This one was earned tonight. Sarah's the only one that made it. Parenting and follow through is hard. I love it when everyone gets to come.

August 18:
^Tri training with Linds! Early morning bike ride was a success.
^Celebrating multiple birthdays and chatting about whatever. Friends make life more enjoyable.

August 19:
^Thoughtful friends make me feel so lucky! Healthy and hopefully will help this pre-singing sore throat! 
^How did we get so lucky!? His eyes smile, he is authentic, and he is all ours! Watch out girls!
^She is starting to look grown up and I love/hate it! Beautiful Sarah.
^Amazing what great photography does! Thanks Andee!
^Mmm. mmm. mmm! Simply adorbs Madison! A little package of sunshine.
^I needed headshots for work. Andee whipped out her magic, and I love them!
^My main squeeze. These smiles look real, because they are!
^Let's be honest! We are really smiling because we can't stand another minute taking family photos! hahaha :) Always such a stressful time, but glad to capture the idea of what we're always striving to be, a happy family!

August 20:
^Running to get a healthy breakfast is always a nice reward. Thanks friends!
^It makes my skin warm just looking at the picture. Childhood nostalgia.
^Every day! Because it's one of the healthiest routines in my life. Cereal used to be my breakfast. Much improved now!
^The kids wanted to come to the show. They are definitely our biggest fans! We always grab dinner together before a gig.
^Candids. Good times with these guys!
^We do it because it's fun! It's an outlet. Thanks for the memories!

August 21:
^Sarah got to be spotlighted at church. I love that she feels special there. And sweet princess Madison  gracefully resting on the day of rest.
^Social gatherings and connections fulfill me. I love catching up and seeing what everyone is up to. We invest so much time into childhood relationships, that reuniting with these life shapers just sounds like a good thing to do. 
^Thank you Blossom Drive and surrounding neighbors!
^So fun to mingle. We eat potluck, the kids run around and the parents chit chat. :)

August 22:
^Because swimming practice is a MUST when you plan to swim in open water.
^Supporting some of our BFF's because we care! Hope it helps Talitha!

August 23:
^I spy a scooter. I spy a girl with a daddy that wants her to have whatever she wants on her birthday.

August 24: Sarah's 9th Birthday!
^Lunch with mom and donuts for her friends! Because on her birthday she gets special treatment. :)
^Ears pierced! Cute! Then dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory! Sarah is such a sweet girl! So helpful, and caring, and social, and artsy and gorgeous!

August 25:
Combining events! Bike and run! Much easier than the swim part!
^I love how simple and calming Madison's room is. 
^Finally got our well check for Kai. Happy to hear he is just an active boy, normal and healthy!
^Precious moments. Every night, we have a brief visit and I sing a song. I hope they remember. I know I will.

August 26:
^Activity Days swimming and popsicles. Easy peasy!
^This girls plans her parties a year in advance. She mostly just wants a late night with friends.
^Karaoke, pony tails and ears, candy bar game, piƱata, My Little Pony movie= happy birthday to Sarah!

August 27:
^Our birthday date with Sarah. Lagoon is what they want. We love celebrating you and spending quality time with you Sarah!
^Borne never disappoints! Fun date, Laytons!
^Kate and Madison's sleepover. Looks like Maddie got booted!

August 28:
^When the Laytons come, we gather the friends!
^Fun to meet this brown-eyed babe, Jane. :)
^Kabobs for the win! Seriously yum!
^Loved starting our families together! Special bonds.

August 29:
^Celebrating Kristen's birth, because anyone who knows her is lucky!
^Food is our favorite way to celebrate. :)

August 30:
^Tradition means, zombies for the men, peach cobbler, games, and food babies. ;)

August 31:
^More swimming and Madison's last experience at a childcare in a gym. I much prefer home exercise, but we don't have a lap pool.
^My hubs is a go-getter. Love the new awning! Ed is super resourceful.

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