Saturday, December 17, 2016

October 2016

October 1-
 ^Fun to fill these shelves with festivities. :)
^Meeting baby Sienna. Welcome cutie. 

Oct 2-
^Daybreak park outing.

Oct 3-
^Keeping up with the hustle and bustle. Trying to do chore charts and teach the kid to be responsible. Parenting is serious business!

Oct 4-
^My cute little puppy Madison, running errands with me. 

Oct 5-
^Embracing my forehead and doing a top knot. Such a beautiful double rainbow after dinner.

Oct 6-
^Still doing hair pretty steadily. So grateful I can work from home.
^My first guitar lesson as a trade for a haircut. Not sure if I will practice, but it's worth a shot! Aspirations. 
^Sarah joined rec tennis with some friends. So many things to try! I would love it if she picked up tennis. Such a fun sport.

Oct 7-
 ^Frightmares! The kids LOVE lagoon. We tolerate it. ;)

Oct 8-
^We've waited and dreamed of this day. Baby shower for Cami. I wanted everything to be perfect. Such a special occasion. She deserves the best.
 ^Family shower for Cami!
^Stake Conference. Happy he and I are on the same page. Then a movie with homemade popcorn. He makes it best.

Oct 9-
^ Suckers to keep us occupied on our drive up the canyon. Cute Kai suggested we say a prayer- just like we do for road trips. I irrevrantly took a picture just to remember what a sweet example he is. Kids watch, listen and learn and that makes me happy. 
 ^The views were gorgeous!
^Nature and family always end up being a good thing.

Oct 10-
^It's just cute. Kids in mini cars. 
 ^Halloween and cookies just go together. So much sweetness! Graham crackers with the extra frosting is the best nostalgic treat.

Oct 11-
 ^Witches tea for activity days. Fun to dress up with Sarah and do some fun activities.

Oct 13-
^Zoo with the littles. They are adorable little friends.
^Standard fall meal. Warm soup and paninis.

Oct 14-
^A day temple date. Because we could. A good place to spend time.
 ^Frightmares again. Fun stuff!
 ^Lots of fun props and such.
 ^I always dreamed about having one of these pictures with my family. I've always wanted one. Cross it off the bucket list! Love 'em!
^Love my family and creating memories.

Oct 15-
^Sleeping kids always feels like an accomplishment. I fell asleep in the car ALL the time as a kid. Still do. ;)

Oct 17-
^Madison got to be the star student in preschool. We love celebrating this cutie.
^Fun before afters of my gorgeous friend, Kristen. She wanted a change, and a change she got!

Oct 18-
^Helping in Kai's class means that sometimes I need to bring Madison. She fits right in, and he loves her.

Oct 20-
^More zoo with the Katz kids!
^Festivities and friends are always a good combo.

Oct 21-
^Annual run for Miss Leah Layton and Rett. Race away Rett. I'll run for you any day, Leah bean!
 ^Annual pumpkin patching and picking. We love this one. Picturesque.
^Corn maze!
 ^Kaylynn was in the town for the day. So glad I could see her and visit quick. 
^Surprise Shayla! Chase flew me in for a weekend to celebrate Shayla and do her hair as a gift. Gladly.

Oct 22-
 ^We went to Portland for the night. Maren met up with us for dinner after we shopped a little since she lives so close. We tried Voodoo donuts and they were yum! I'm not super picky about anything that has the word donut. :) Fun night.
^Daddy surviving just fine at home with the kids. Grateful.
 ^It was gorgeous and a wonderful visit for this wonderful friend. Thanks Caldwells!

Oct 25-
^Up With Kids girls Halloween party

Oct 26-
^Hat day, and helping in Kai's class. Cool dude.
^Baby's coming early!! Cam called me and said she was in labor. So we headed to the hospital. We thought it'd be a quick one, but the epidural slowed it. We waited and waited and then by 11pm gave Cam and Aaron some space and less pressure to deliver. Literally! ;) So exciting!! She is coming!

Oct 27-
 ^Crazy hair day. Good times.
^I had some blood drawn and she damaged something in there. My arm hurts so bad!
^She made it! Super early morning. Ray Rose Harker. We're so happy for Cami and Aaron!
^I hosted Bunko and made my favorite Halloween treats.
^Some of us dressed up. :)

Oct 28-
^These are the times I'm glad I have a camera with me. Sweet to walk up on Kai reading to Madison.
^I just want to see her every day and help in any way I can. What a wonderful princess to celebrate.
 ^Activity days Halloween activity crafts.

Oct 30-
 ^Ed is awesome. He made German pancakes because we have never had them. Good, but I'm not sure I loved the texture enough to repeat. 
^Baby fix.
^Love this view. Ed is great at decorating the yard.

Oct 31-
^A black cat, Dracula and a My Little Pony. Pretty easy costumes this year, and they pulled them off perfectly! Love my kiddos!
 ^School parade and class parties. :)
 ^Time to trick-or-treat!!
^Cute pumpkins.

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