Saturday, December 17, 2016

May 2016

May 1-
^Litte M gave her first talk in Primary. My little mini sunbeam is just that. A sunbeam. So little, yet so capable and teachable. I love my church and the advantages and asset it is to our lives.
^This is how the daddies play with the kids. Loud tools that make noise to scare the kids. :)
^Auz got bit by a dog. :( The vet cleaned it up and shaved her. Hope it heals quick!

May 2-
^This cute little buddy always lights up when I help in class. I do it for him mostly.
^FHE. Pizza studio for dinner. 
^I got some tickets to the Tulip Festival from running the 5k. This is the first year we have gone. It was beautiful!
^Being kids.
^Wide open spaces.
 ^Family selfie.
^Such a gorgeous view!

May 3-
^These two. Mads and Keat. Happy heart moment.

May 5-
^Capturing him just being Kai guy.

^What a buddy. Some of the best moments are watching the kids play with daddy.

May 6-
^Our sweet friends helped us out while we left town for a quick night away to Moab to redeem Ed's 40th birthday gift. :) As long as it got done in his 40's!
^We got the road tripping kind of food...and made the drive. 
We went to red rocks to the delicate arch. Neat to see!
 ^Then we got ready for a nice dinner to end the night. Weather wasn't the greatest. Concerning for the next day. Eek!

May 7-
^We headed out pretty early for a yummy breakfast and then headed to Skydive Canyonlands.
^When you turn 40- you have to do something big and memorable. Like go skydiving! ;) At least that's what I thought. :) Even though Ed thought it was a little irresponsible with 3 kids at home, we decided to go for it! 
^The weather was looking pretty glum and we knew we wouldn't get a jump if we waited too long. The weather conditions were a little chilly, but we suited up and signed our lives away. Literally! First time I have signed something saying I acknowledge I could die. It did feel a little careless. Good thing I'm an optimist and not afraid of death. Life is meant to be lived. We don't do risky things hardly ever either. 

It went fast! It was COLD! My ears didn't pressurize and they hurt a little. I would say sky-diving is definitely worth doing at least once in life. Unforgettable. Not sure I'd care to do it again though. If so- I would do it in warmer weather with more scenery. It also changes the experience by who you tandem dive with. The guy that jumped with me seemed so over it and so disinterested. I would have appreciated a little more excitement. It would have made the experience much better. I felt like he was annoyed and bothered with me. Didn't seem like he enjoyed his job. Luckily Ed's chick that he jumped with was awesome. Good experience. Fun to do something like this together. Happy 40th Ed. Love you!
^Our diving certificates. :) WOW! We just jumped out of a plane!! Surreal!
^The little were cared for at home by sweet aunt Deb. They love hanging with their cousins. :)
Thanks Land and Deb!

May 8-
^Mother's Day! So grateful for my mom, for my adorable kids, and for the hubby that made me a mom. I was treated well by all of them. So fortunate to experience our own creations that will give back forever. Nothing else like being a momma.

May 9-
^Neato rainbow!

May 10-
^Happy to see Kai teaching the littles some karate skills. So cute!

^Sweet Sarah had her Up With Kids Performance- Aladdin. She played "EW"- a character in Inside Out. She did great! It's helping diminish her shyness. She is great at the arts.
^Brrr! Kai's T-ball games get us out. Love supporting and watching the kids learn and grow. Can't wait to see what their passions end up being.

May 11-
^These two. Kai being a tough guy and not smiling on command.
^Sweet Linda and I trade haircuts for help mending clothes and such. I love to trade! I could sew, but don't, so this gives me an appointment. I watch most of the time.

May 12-
^We are in training for our half marathon. Fun running with a group. Makes it go by much quicker!
^He has gotten much more coordinated this year. He can focus a little longer too. :)

^Involved daddies are the best!

May 13- 
^It's such a beautiful shot as I run by that I have to take multiple a year. :)
^Zoo day with Aunt Jodi and cousins. The kids ages match up so well!
We saw Jungle book. Friday nights we chill with the kids. :) Such cuties! Love my fam.

May 14-
^Sarah had stake activity days. They always do such a good job. Grateful for these programs!
^Sarah's final performance of Aladdin. Grandparents came and we got ice cream after. Love seeing her light up in costume. :) 
^Good job Sarah! Low budget performing, but it doesn't matter when the actress is your daughter being willing to be involved in something.

May 16-
^FHE flower shopping. :) Making out little part of the the earth beautiful. Our yard. :)

May 17-
^Bedtime fun.

May 19-
^They all love art.
^Bunko with neighborhood friends is always a nice break.
^We love mingling while we roll. Girls night! Best way to stay connected.

May 20- 
^Ed and Bill went and golfed. I like it when he gets out and has fun.

^Rock on Cold Storage Band!
^Madison is always the backup dancer.
^We played in horrendous weather for the Catholic Rose Festival and Juan Diego High School. We almost got blown over. Always fun with these guys though. Even if we only got to play about half of our set because of multiple delays. ;) We love having supporters! Thanks Meg!

May 21-
^Mom and auntie came and garage sale with me. :) The rain took away a lot of business, but I still made some money- which included finding 40$ in a pair of pants I was selling. :) Score!
Sell the old- to help buy a little more of the new. Usually for the kids...
^Happy 12th anniversary to us! We went to dinner at Tuscany and then went and did sealings at the temple. Yearly occurrence and great reminder. I still pick you, Ed.

May 22-
^We watched Land and Deb's kids while they went on a trip. Lot's of kids, but they are always manageable and just play. :) 

May 23-
^Whit and Ben came into town. So glad we got to see them and catch up!

May 24- 
^Meal times are the hardest part, but we've got it down! Color coordinating dishes helps. :)
^Planted my pots! Makes me feel like a homemaker/gardener. :) Love digging in the dirt. Thanks mom!

May 26-
^More golf for Ed. :) I always ask him to take pics so he can be on here too.
^Activity days we made invites for our country themed daddy-daughter dance. :)
^Never gets old. Love seeing the support.

May 27- 
^More running!! Gotta get those training runs in! We're getting close! First half marathon for all of these ladies. Fun to be a part of it. :)
^The many jobs and different aprons we wear. :) Both jobs that help people transform and feel better about themselves. Love my jobs from home!

May 28-
^Pool day yay!!

May 29-
^I think both Ed and I watched our kids with pride. Good moment.

^I love it when they play nice together!

May 30-
^My house makes me happy. Always has. Love our neighborhood and our place. Definitely feels like home. Ed's flag addition is a great touch. Memorial Day!
^Tonight was the big reveal!!!  We hosted family dinner and Landon blew out his birthday cake with this message on it. Nice of him to share his day. Cami and Aaron are having a baby!!! We are all so thrilled!! She doesn't even really know how far along she is- but probably sometime in November. I cried when she told me. I had given up. So happy they get to be parents. They will be amazing at it!

May 31-
^Today we went to the zoo with friends. :) Fun day date!
^Water is always a special treat. :)

^T-ball season was a good one. Good job Kai!
^Lots of improvement. Until next year...

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