Saturday, December 17, 2016

September 2016

September 1-
^It's a treat to get together with these friends. Madison and Kate got to wear the left over swimsuits from their older sisters. :)
^They are watching. Kate taking a selfie at age 4! Hahaha!

Sept 2-

^I got to help in Kai's class for Fairytale Friday. Mother goose read the story of the Little Red hen. We made hen's and ate bread for the activity. Madison loves going in to Kai's class. He totally babies her.
^The views in Midway are amazing! I went up with Mom to listen to Kerry yodel. As always, Swiss taco and scones and the boys were there too! Love this family tradition!
^So happy the Yeates could join us for Dixie Chicks!! They were/are so amazing! I loved singing along! I know pretty much every word. ;)

Sept 3-
^The kids rooms as they are! Sarah is getting the queen bed with a new headboard, and Madison is getting her furniture.:)

Sept 4-
^Time to try out the wetsuit and see how it goes! Sarah loves to help in the kitchen, and Madison fell asleep in the hallway. :)

Sept 5-
^Training open water!! Eek!
^Umm, I totally panicked. Hyperventilated. Couldn't wear the wetsuit. We did an open water swim and a bike though. Good to get some practice with multiple events.
^We HERD that this Sheep Herding is pretty neat, so we took the kids. It was neat!
^It's finished! Ed created this awesome shade for our backyard. With welded bars and hooks on the house. We love it! Now it's more useable. Good job babe!

Sept 6-
^Sarah started Up With Kids tonight with a bunch of neighborhood girls. :) Acting and singing, yeah!

Sept 7-
^Sweet Heidi went and did an open water with me and gave me swimming tips. I didn't freak out this time. Yay! Thanks Heidi!
^Cute Mads had her dance orientation for ballet. So excited to see this little dancer.
^Preschool begins for this cutie!

Sept 8-
^We went out to Daybreak and ate at the food trucks for dinner. Beautiful view. The food isn't super healthy...:)

Sept 9-
^Yay! Another open water swim practice! Blackridge Reservoir is freezing and murky, mossy, yuck, but we survived!
^I'm never alone. Trying to take a bath in peace, cat!
^Me and my little shake drinkers. Grateful for this healthy habit.
^Linds drove down to Sand Hollow with us to get our race packets for the race tomorrow! It's finally here!
^Pizza Factory and twisty breadsticks is pretty much a pre-race staple...

Sept 10-
^TRIed and succeeded! :) So empowering! We finished! 1:49:41. The swim was hard! I did every kind of stroke there was and finished at 26:44. 51:21 on the bike. 27:51 on the run. Gave it my all! Finish is always more important than the fast.
^After the race and eating we got changed and went back to Sand Hollow to play. Linds's parents were so nice to let us use their condo and toys. Jet ski's and a razor and hanging on the beach. Great way to unwind. Chill night after. Got dinner and went to bed.

Sept 11-
^Ed and Sarah has a short fishing run. 
^The a drive home. Quick weekend!
^Got home to go straight to a family dinner. We got to celebrate Sarah with a donut cake. :) MMM!

Sept 12-
^Off track time means activities. Classic skating is a fan favorite!

Sept 13-
^We joined some friends at Blackridge to swim today. :)
^The Up With Kids crew! :)
 ^Sarah has quite the knack for art. So proud of her.

 Sept 14-
^Our little ballerina and her brand new, cute slippers.

Sept 15-
^The kids come on runs with me sometimes on their bikes. Pretty night.

Sept 16-
^Zoo day with B track. Funner with friends!
^ Def Leppard never disappoints. Linds loves them too and it happened to be a great birthday gift. Fun concert with Hawes!

Sept 17-
^Cams came and garage saled with me.
^After we went to lunch for Cam's birthday. :) Love my sis!

Sept 18-
^Family dinner. Two cute pregnant mom's. Sarah got a dollar for eating a vomit jelly belly. Eww!

Sept 19-
^Sarah had her 9 year old check up. She's normal and good.  Always a relief! FHE at the pool with pizza later. My hair is long enough to tie in a knot now. :)
^Family dive!

Sept 20-
^Bowling day with the kids and B track. :)
^Ice cream at Neilsen's to celebrate birthdays! :)

Sept 22-
^Thanksgiving Point-Curiosity Museum Day!

Sept 23-
^For off track we wanted to head south and camp. Moab seemed like a good option...until we got there and realized there was NOWHERE to camp! Everything was booked! One of the attendants at the HOA told us our last ditch effort was to drive clear up the the areas where there is no outhouses or actual camp sites. So we did! And we found a good place, set up camp and cooked our foil dinners. Sarah even had her first experience going to the bathroom without a toilet and burying it. ;) True roughin' it! 
^We did all the standard camping stuff. Smores and such. Then it got cold, so we bundled the kids up and they watched a dvd for a minute. (Super camp-like, I know) but options are limited with not much light. :) Then we went to bed.
^Everyone slept decent. As good as you can when you camp. ;) Ed made yummy breakfast burritos and then we packed up camp. Lots of work for one day, but worth the memories.

Sept 24-
^Then we did the hike to Delicate Arch with the kids. Funny, how earlier in the year was my first time ever at age 35! They did great and they liked it.
^We ate snacks for a bit and did yoga poses. :) Then we drove home. 
^Sarah and I went quick to the Women's conference. So glad I have a buddy now.

Sept 25-
^Baby shower for Cam's with the old neighborhood. Love this reason to celebrate!

^The Katz's joined us for dinner and the kids did a small recital. Fun to have them the same ages. They sang My Little Pony.

Sept 26-
^Back to school! Home alone for a couple hours is pretty great. :) Kai lost a tooth! You can tell losing teeth freaks him out every time!

Sept 27-
^Timmy and Mads. They are great little buddies, and always have fun together.
^Book Club! I still go- even though I just don't make the time to read. I go for the company and they welcome me and I listen about the book. I don't remember what the theme was for wearing red and black, but Tracy did a great job with treats. :)

Sept 29-
^This guy FINALLY got an iPad that isn't first generation. New toys and electronics always bring a smile.

Sept 30-
^Picnic day at the school.

^Nature Scavenger hunt and popsicles for activity days. :)

^We got to double with Rob and Ann for Luke Bryan. They are seasoned with concerts. We grabbed dinner and had a great time at the concert. :)

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