Saturday, December 17, 2016

June 2016

June 1-
^Madison had her end of the year preschool pool party. Pizza and pool on a hot day. :)
^Kai is friendly to a flaw. Pretty sure this is the YM. He probably asked if they would make a tower. :) He still has his flippers on.

June 2-
^Morning runs are wonderful. So is stretching after. :)

June 3-
^We took the kids to lagoon and got season passes. Neither of us had been for years! Fun to revisit and introduce the kids to something in our history. 
^I love spending time and doing activities as a family. I dreamed about these days.
^Yay!! Ed joined me for our plank challenge! Love it when he does. Always more fun with someone else.

June 4-
^We celebrated Ed's boss for his birthday. Fun to mingle and get to know Ed's work mates better. We had yummy Mexican food and played corn hole.

June 5-
^Selfie Sunday photobombed by Auz.
^Nimbus lets the kids touch him sometimes. A special treat.
^The littles chillin' at family dinner. :)

June 6-
^Ed golfing with Bill. They love it.

June 7-
^I love seeing challengers follow through and spread the love. These are the nurses at Ed's work. :)
^I showed Cami a pic and she nailed the color! Redhead. 
^Loving it! Wondering why I haven't done this color yet? So vibrant! I love change! Got dressed up for Bunko. :)

June 8-
^Kristin and I took the kids to a Splash pad. Mads being cute, sporting her glasses. :)
^Our fun little clover plant reaching for light. This plant lives easily. Thank goodness for me!
^We always take rides/walks up to the clubhouse to play. Stuffed animals tagged along this time.

June 9-
^We live super close to the school. I never thought my kids would take a bus. But Monte Vista was under renovation- so they got bussed for a short time. Kind of fun short term.
^So happy to work from home! Still loving what I do. Except when I cut myself. :)
^Pretty great life. Love our neighborhood and running up to the pool for a quick minute. 
^We had a summer RS activity potluck. I brought healthy treats to share at this one.

June 10-
^Ed took Madison to lagoon for the day.:) Love daddy-daughter time!
^The way to cut a watermelon!
^We planned a daddy-daughter activity for Activity Days. Cute decor!
^Yummy man-like food.
^Some fun pictures! Sarah loved being Ed's date. 
Neil came and helped me teach a couple line dances and swing dancing.
^The cute girls
^The leaders. :)
^The girls loved dancing with their dads! Fun activity!

June 11-
^Up SUPER early for Drop 13 half marathon! It feels crazy! Got fueled up on the way up the canyon.
^Always a fun surprise to see multiple friends running at the start.
^It was so fun training and running with these ladies! A first half marathon for 4 of them!
^Yeah! Finished!

^I love family support! Thanks for coming with the kids babe.
^Woo hoo! Finishers!!
^We went to dinner with the runners for dinner later at Xao. Refuel!

June 12-
^Ed is a wonderful cook. Prime rib! MMM. Graham crackers and milk is a splurge that reminds me of my childhood.

June 13-
^Madison love playdates at Timmy's.

June 14-
^Chillin at the pool with my girl. Kai showing us is muscles and Ed went to the RSL game. Good times! Summer lovin'. 

June 17-
^Eek! Why do we always wait too long to go it? Ed felt some kidney stones coming on. Never good. The ER drugged him up to help with the pain and I ran around for prescriptions. He gets these every 4 years or so. :( Hopefully that will end somehow. Ouch!
^Got Ed taken care of just in time to leave for Ragnar. Melissa invited us to join her team, and it was a great team! Melissa, Jenny, Lindsey, Me, Meg, and Allie. :)
^Ragnar is just fun. Melissa had an awesome van for us. Good times. 1st run went well. Super hot!
^We saw Leanne at our first rest stop. Plank challenge while we waited! Yes!
^When you run, you eat. We ate a yummy dinner and dessert. There was some indulging going on.
^Ready for the darkness with our vests. Number 2 night run was great! Kind of weird running in complete darkness with a headlamp. Crazy kind of fun. :)

June 18-
^Lots of waiting in lines for potties. :) Waking up the sound of slamming doors. I will say- sleeping on a row in the van was probably the best I've slept on a Ragnar. :)
^Run number 3 down a big hill in the greenery. Yay! Feels so good to complete this!
^Bri volunteered for our team. :) People go all out and dress up. WWF. Ha!
^Kamikazes! PCMC team name each year. Glad we could be a part of it. Well done ladies! Wasatch Back is always a good one. Amazing views! BeUTAHful!

June 19-
^Happy Father's Day! Fun to celebrate our dad's, and the father of my kiddos. Mom matched the girls so we took a pic.
^Love my Ed! The kids adore him. He gives them many things I can't. Makes them waffles most every Saturday. Does more of the physical things with them. There's no one better. Thanks Ed!
^Yep. Kidney stone. Looks like a grape nut. Lots of pain later- glad it passed.

June 20-
^Ed scouting out places to camp with the YM- with Shane and Tony. Looks beautiful!

June 22-
^Mads and Keat at the pool. Good buddies. :)
^The love getting thrown
^Slow mo!
^Water is forgiving. :)

June 23-
^I grabbed donuts for the guys leaving early AM. And I snagged one of course. ;) Carrying everything you camp with seems like rough work. Men do tough stuff. Have fun Ed!
^Ed helping lead these YM

June 24-
^Lots of hiking and playing in cold water. Sleeping in a hammock type thing. Glad Ed knows how to do this stuff.
^ While Ed was gone, the kids and I went and heard Aunt Jodi sing in the Lehi rodeo. Umm- I don't like rodeos. Poor animals. But we wanted to support family. Good job Jodi!

June 25-
^Hiking out! They survived!
^Curlers for the girls and hangin' with the fam.

June 26-
^Auz photobombing again. We painted patriotic nails for the girls today.
^We went to celebrate Mormors 95th birthday! Wow! Love this picture of her and Sarah. So precious.

June 27-
^Cheers! Delicious Shakeology. I always say yes to them having healthy breakfast.
^I love our yard. Flowers are the best!

June 28-
^Lish came to swim with the kids. :) Fun to catch up!

June 30-
^Just because he is handsome. Last day of KG!

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